Biomedical Applications of Microfluidic Devices,
Edition 1
Edited by Michael R. Hamblin and Mahdi Karimi

Publication Date: 18 Nov 2020

Biomedical Applications of Microfluidic Devices introduces the subject of microfluidics and covers the basic principles of design and synthesis of actual microchannels. The book then explores how the devices are coupled to signal read-outs and calibrated, including applications of microfluidics in areas such as tissue engineering, organ-on-a-chip devices, pathogen identification, and drug/gene delivery. This book covers high-impact fields (microarrays, organ-on-a-chip, pathogen detection, cancer research, drug delivery systems, gene delivery, and tissue engineering) and shows how microfluidics is playing a key role in these areas, which are big drivers in biomedical engineering research.

This book addresses the fundamental concepts and fabrication methods of microfluidic systems for those who want to start working in the area or who want to learn about the latest advances being made. The subjects covered are also an asset to companies working in this field that need to understand the current state-of-the-art. The book is ideal for courses on microfluidics, biosensors, drug targeting, and BioMEMs, and as a reference for PhD students. The book covers the emerging and most promising areas of biomedical applications of microfluidic devices in a single place and offers a vision of the future.

Key Features

  • Covers basic principles and design of microfluidics devices
  • Explores biomedical applications to areas such as tissue engineering, organ-on-a-chip, pathogen identification, and drug and gene delivery
  • Includes chemical applications in organic and inorganic chemistry
  • Serves as an ideal text for courses on microfluidics, biosensors, drug targeting, and BioMEMs, as well as a reference for PhD students
About the author
Edited by Michael R. Hamblin, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA, USA and Mahdi Karimi, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Nanotechnology, Iran University of Medical Sciences
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ISBN: 9780128187913
Page Count: 350
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Biomedical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, nanotechnologists, post-graduates in biomedical engineering and nanotechnology. Biomedical researchers, chemists, microbiologists, pharmaceutical scientists