Molecular and Laser Spectroscopy,
Edition 1 Advances and Applications: Volume 2
Edited by V.P. Gupta and Yukihiro Ozaki

Publication Date: 11 Jul 2020

Molecular and Laser Spectroscopy, Advances and Applications: Volume 2 gives students and researchers an up-to-date understanding of the fast-developing area of molecular and laser spectroscopy. This book covers basic principles and advances in several conventional as well as new and upcoming areas of molecular and laser spectroscopy, such as a wide range of applications in medical science, material science, standoff detection, defence and security, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and environmental science. It covers the latest advancements, both in terms of techniques and applications, and highlights future projections.

Editors V.P. Gupta and Yukihiro Ozaki have brought together eminent scientists in different areas of spectroscopy to develop specialized topics in conventional molecular spectroscopy (Cavity ringdown, Matrix Isolation, Intense THz, Far- and Deep- UV, Optogalvanic ), linear and nonlinear laser spectroscopy (Rayleigh & Raman Scattering), Ultrafast Time-resolved spectroscopy, and medical applications of molecular spectroscopy. and advanced material found in research articles. This new volume expands upon the topics covered in the first volume for scientists to learn the latest techniques and put them to practical use in their work.

Key Features

  • Covers several areas of spectroscopy research and expands upon topics covered in the first volume
  • Includes exhaustive lists of research articles, reviews, and books at the end of each chapter to further learning objectives
  • Uses illustrative examples of the varied applications to provide a practical guide to those interested in using molecular and laser spectroscopy tools in their research
About the author
Edited by V.P. Gupta, University of Lucknow, India and Yukihiro Ozaki, Professor Emeritus, School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University, Sanda, Hyogo, Japan
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ISBN: 9780128188705
Page Count: 704
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Researchers and agencies involved in laser and molecular spectroscopy in industry; postgraduates, graduate students, and teachers of science and engineering. Researchers and scientific personnel in material science, medical sciences, food and agriculture sciences, and chemical and pharmaceutical industries