Not Just Bad Kids,
Edition 1 The Adversity and Disruptive Behavior Link
Edited by Akeem Nassor Marsh and Lara Jo Cox

Publication Date: 26 Jan 2022

Not Just Bad Kids: The Adversity and Disruptive Behavior Link explores the theory that all behavior makes sense in context. If you understand a person’s frame of reference – their background, history and experience – you can imagine what might be driving their behavior. The book describes the social, cultural and environmental factors that shape the lives of many youths, including early childhood attachment which sets the foundation for how they interact with authority figures. The book also delves into an explanation of conduct disorder which is characterized by persistent, repetitive behaviors that violate the basic rights of other human beings and break rules.

Studies have shown that conduct disorder affects 1-4% of adolescents in the United States and oppositional defiant disorder is estimated to develop in approximately 10.2% of children. The presence of DBD is also known to be more prevalent in boys than it is in girls. As there is a growing need to understand why children and adolescent exhibit signs of hostility, defiance and isolation, this book is an ideal resource for this timely topic.

Key Features

  • Encompasses both ODD and conduct disorder
  • Introduces readers to the social, cultural and environmental factors that play a crucial part in disruptive behavior
  • Demonstrates the interrelationship of attachment problems, chronic trauma and disruptive behavior
  • Discusses current best practices for intervention and treatment in youth with disruptive behaviors
  • Provides casework examples of patients with disruptive behavior disorder
About the author
Edited by Akeem Nassor Marsh, Assistant Medical Director of the Home of Integrated Behavioral Health – The New York Foundling; Clinical Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New York University Grossman School of Medicine, NY USA and Lara Jo Cox, Attending Psychiatrist, Correctional Health Services, New York City Health + Hospitals, New York, NY, USA
Table of Contents

Nick's Words
Nick's World
1. Setting the Stage - Putting Kids in Context
Nick at Family Court
2. Attachment: Theory, Application, & Clinical Tools
3. Defining Trauma, Adversity, & Toxic Stress
4. Trauma, Adversity, the Brain, & the Body
5. The Impact on Interactions
6. Trauma & Externalizing Behaviors
Nick in the Emergency Room
7. The Overlap Between Trauma & Disruptive Behavior Disorders
8. The Words We Use
9. Young Kids: The Impact of Early Adverse Relational Experiences
Nick at Home
10. Kids at Home
Nick at School
11. Kids in School
Nick & the Boys
12. Kids & Their Crews
Nick in Foster Care
13. Kids in Foster Care
Nick in Detention
14. Kids in Detention
Nick & Mama J
15. Kids & Drugs
16. Kids Grown Up
17. Standard Management - Part I: Embracing Youth & Families through Treatment Foster Care Oregon
18. Standard Management - Part II: Multidimensional Interventions for Youth with Trauma & Disruptive Behaviors
19. Check Your Own Baggage
Nick in Therapy
20. Let's Talk About Race
Nick & Mich
21. Be a Person

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