Engaging Boys and Men in Sexual Assault Prevention,
Edition 1 Theory, Research, and Practice
Edited by Lindsay M. Orchowski and Alan Berkowitz

Publication Date: 21 Mar 2022

Engaging Boys and Men in Sexual Assault Prevention: Theory, Research and Practice explores sexual assault prevention programs for boys and men. Following an ecosystemic perspective, the book examines individual risk and protective factors, discusses initiatives to prevent sexual aggression (i.e., bystander intervention programs, given their use among men), covers programs that specifically seek to engage boys and men in sexual assault prevention, presents key risk and protective factors for sexual aggression (i.e., healthy masculinity, rape myth acceptance), and describes the need and rationale for sexual assault prevention efforts.

Key Features

  • Addresses current challenges and controversies in the field of sexual assault prevention
  • Explores existing individual-level workshops and media-based interventions that address men’s violence against women
  • Reviews the association between traditional masculine norms and sexual violence perpetration
  • Discusses international sexual assault prevention programs that engage boys and men
  • Highlight how aspects of hypermasculinity strongly correlate with sexual aggression
  • Provides an overview of research that examines risk factors for sexual aggression
  • Synthesizes the conceptualization of rape myths, current assessments of rape myths, and examines how rape myths function as a risk factor for perpetration
About the author
Edited by Lindsay M. Orchowski, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, RI, USA and Alan Berkowitz, Independent Researcher and Consultant, Mount Shasta CA, USA
Table of Contents

Front Matter: Introduction to the Volume
Lindsay M. Orchowski and Alan D. Berkowitz
1. A Brief History of the Science and Practice of Engaging Boys and Men in Sexual Assault Prevention
Lindsay M. Orchowski and Alan D. Berkowitz
2. Theories of Sexual Aggression among Boys and Men and Implications for Prevention
Paul Schewe, Rory T. Newlands, & William O’Donohue
3. Men's Violence Against Women as a Social Justice Issue
Michael Flood
4. Risk and Protective Factors for Sexual Aggression Across the Ecosystem
Emily A. Waterman and Katie Edwards
5. The Role of Rape Myths in Contributing to Sexual Violence: Implications for Prevention
Julia O'Connor and Sarah McMahon
6. The Culture of Masculinities and Sexual Aggression: Raising Boys to be Non-Violent Men
Dennis Reidy, Ruschelle Leone, Katherine W. Bogen and Monica H. Swahn
7. The social norms approach as a strategy to prevent violence perpetrated by men and boys: A Review of the Literature
Alan D. Berkowitz, Katherine W. Bogen, Richard Lopez, Mohammed Mazheruddin Mulla and Lindsay M. Orchowski
8. Alcohol and Men's Sexual Aggression: Review of Research and Implications for Prevention
Antonia Abbey, M. Colleen McDaniel and Zunaira Jilani
9. Sexual Consent and the Prevention of Sexual Aggression
Kristen N. Jozkowski
10. Raising Awareness about Men's Violence Against Women: Theory, Research and Practice
Joanne Smith-Darden, Heather McCauley, Jamie Kynn, Lindsay Orchowski, Dennis Reidy
11. Efficacy of Sexual Assault Prevention with Boys and Men
Erin Casey, Laurie Graham and Kelsey Greer
12. Engaging Boys and Men as Allies in Prevention: The Efficacy of Bystander Program Approaches for Boys and Men
Jill Hoxmeier and Erin Casey
13. An Integrated Model of Sexual Aggression: 30 Years of Research and Practice
Lindsay M. Orchowski and Alan D. Berkowitz
14. Using Technology to Engage Boys and Men in the Prevention of Sexual Assault
Daniel William Oesterle, Anne Marie Schipani-McLaughlin, Laura Salazar and Amanda Gilmore
15. Sexual Aggression as a Global Health Problem: Theory and Intervention Efficacy
Yandisa Sikweyiya and Andrew Gibbs
16. False Accusations of Sexual Assault: Prevalence, Misperceptions, and Implications for Prevention Work with Men and Boys
Charlie Huntington, Lindsay M. Orchowski and Alan D. Berkowitz
17. The Importance of Addressing Male Sexual Victimization in the Context of Sexual Assault Prevention Programming
Mohammed Mazheruddin Mulla
18. Repeat Perpetration: Developmental Trajectories and Measurement of Recidivism
Heidi Zinzow, Martie Thompson and Kevin M. Swartout
19. Perpetrator Characteristics: Implications for Programming, Policy and Sanctioning on College Campuses
Judith Zatkin, Miranda Sitney, Erin McConnell, Alyssa Glace, Kelly Stewart, Aliza Beth Lipman, Sarah Coates and Keith L. Kaufman
20. Treatment for Perpetrators of Rape: Implications for Prevention
Joan Tabachnick and David Prescott
Aspiring to be an Ally to End Men’s Violence Against Women and other Social Injustices: Lessons Learned along the Journey
Alan D. Berkowitz, Ph.D.

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Page Count: 510
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Intended for researchers who explore sexual assault risk reduction efforts, practitioners in sexual assault prevention work. It may also be used by those in women’s or gender studies, sociology, or in violence and/or criminal justice