Materials Experience 2,
Edition 1 Expanding Territories of Materials and Design
Edited by Owain Pedgley, Valentina Rognoli and Elvin Karana

Publication Date: 27 Sep 2021
Materials Experience 2: Expanding Territories of Materials and Design is the follow-up companion to Materials Experience published in 2014. Materials experience as a concept has evolved substantially and is now mobilized to incorporate new ways of thinking and designing. Through all-new peer-reviewed chapters and project write-ups, the book presents critical perspectives on new and emerging relationships between designers, materials, and artifacts. Subtitled Expanding Territories of Materials and Design, the book examines in depth the increased prevalence of material-driven design practices, as well as the changing role of materials themselves, toward active and influential agents within and outside design processes. The book is essential reading for anyone involved in materials and design, containing 11 authoritative chapters and 18 illustrated accounts of contemporary research projects and practices.

Key Features

  • Presents both the knowledge and understanding of what ‘new and emerging materials’ are, where they come from, and how they can be used effectively in design
  • Looks at how the professional responsibility of material selection is evolving into a more complex and active role of material ‘creation’ and ‘appropriation’
  • Explores how an elevated sensitivity to materials influence people’s experiences of the designed world
About the author
Edited by Owain Pedgley, Department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University, Turkey ; Valentina Rognoli, Design Department, Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Elvin Karana, Department of Sustainable Design Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Table of Contents

1. Expanding territories of materials and design
Owain Pedgley, Valentina Rognoli and Elvin Karana
2 How new materials speak: analyzing the language of emerging materials in architecture
Blaine Brownell
3 Experiential craft: knowing through analog and digital materials experience
Nithikul Nimkulrat
4. Digital crafting: a new frontier for material design
Manuel Kretzer
5. Surface texture as a designed material-product attribute
Bahar ¸Sener and Owain Pedgley
6. Material change: transforming experience
Debra Lilley and Ben Bridgens
Around The Corner: Recent and Ongoing Research in Materials and Design
CASE STUDY 1 Design touch matters: bending and stretching the potentials of smart material composites
Bahareh Barati
CASE STUDY 2 Design for hybrid material systems: a material augmentation framework for meaningful experiences
Stefano Parisi
CASE STUDY 3 An investigation of the esthetics and technologies of photochromic textiles
Dilusha Rajapakse
CASE STUDY 4 Reflective weaving practice in smart textile material development process
Emmi Anna Maria Pouta and Jussi Ville Mikkonen
CASE STUDY 5 Sound as a project requirement: evolution of an experimental tool for psychoacoustic evaluation of
materials in architecture and design
Doriana Dal Palù
CASE STUDY 6 Animated puppet skin design: material narratives in visually experienced objects
Vincenzo Maselli
CASE STUDY 7 Material visualization and perception in virtual environments
Mutian Niu
CASE STUDY 8 End-of-life care through design: visualizing places of death
Michelle Knox
CASE STUDY 9 Material experiences of menstruation through symbiotic technologies
Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard and Ozgun Kilic Afsar
CASE STUDY 10 The salt material house project: designing for death
SunMin May Hwang
CASE STUDY 11 Reflecting on material interactions as a way of being with the world
Bilge Merve Akta¸s and Camilla Groth
CASE STUDY 12 Beyond biomimicry: developing a living building realm for a postanthropocene era
Assia Stefanova
CASE STUDY 13 Healing materialities from a biodesign perspective
Barbara Pollini
CASE STUDY 14 Demonstrating a material making process through the cultivation of fungal growth
Dilan Ozkan
CASE STUDY 15 Malfunction, maintenance, and materials
Alexandra Karakas
CASE STUDY 16 Open-Ended Design: how to intentionally support change by designing with imperfection
Francesca Ostuzzi
CASE STUDY 17 Material information platform for designing environmentally friendly products
Indji Selim
CASE STUDY 18 Material education in design: engaging material experimentation and speculation
Ziyu Zhou
7. A renewed recognition of the materiality of design in a circular economy: the case of bio-based plastics
Conny Bakker and Ruud Balkenende
8. Biotextiles: making textiles in a context of climate and biodiversity emergency
Carole Collet
9. Defining the DIY-Materials approach
Valentina Rognoli and Camilo Ayala-Garcia
10. Design and science: a pathway for material design
Carla Langella
11. Materialdesign: design with designed materials
Markus Holzbach

Book details
ISBN: 9780128192443
Page Count: 328
Illustrations : 250 illustrations (150 in full color)
Retail Price : £93.99

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