Bio-economy and Agri-production,
Edition 1 Concepts and Evidence
Edited by Dionysis Bochtis, Charisios Achillas, Georgios Banias and Maria Lampridi

Publication Date: 11 Nov 2020
Bio-Economy and Agri-Production: Concepts and Evidence bridges the knowledge gap between sustainability and bio-economy aspects of agri-production. It complements traditional perspectives of agri-production with advanced engineering, information and communication technologies recently applied in agri-business. Including knowledgebased agriculture and reflecting sustainability and circular economy principles, the book presents a holistic view of sustainable bio-economy, contributing to the development of integrated agricultural systems. As technology advances, agricultural production management practices are now being called upon to address the need for sustainability in the bio-economy. Bio-Economy and Agri-Production: Concepts and Evidence presents information to broaden the awareness and promotion of practices and technology to reduce the use of inputs, protect health and environment and improve resource-use efficiency. Topics that are addressed include circular economy in agri-business, lifecycle thinking, lean management, agri-chains, green production, and waste management. Bio-Economy and Agri-Production: Concepts and Evidence is a valuable reference for professionals, consultants, and policy making stakeholders in biosystems engineering and agricultural industries

Key Features

  • Focuses on responsible management practices to protect the environment while producing needed resources
  • Application based for those in agricultural sectors seeking to integrate bioeconomic strategies
  • Provides real-world insights into transitioning practices
About the author
Edited by Dionysis Bochtis, Director, Institute for Bio-economy and Agri-technology, Center of Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH); Charisios Achillas, Department of Supply Chain Management, International Hellenic University; Georgios Banias, Assistant Researcher, Institute for Bio-economy and Agri-Technology of Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas (iBO/CERTH) and Maria Lampridi, Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Table of Contents
Part 1. Bio-production & Sustainability
1. Primary Production Sustainability
2. Agricultural chains sustainability within the concept of circular economy
3. Evolutionary scenarios for agricultural business models

Part 2. Sustainable Farming
4. Investigating the regional efficiency disparities in arable crops production at the global level
5. Environmental impact assessment in agri-production: a comparative study of olive oil production in two european countries
6. Assessing the Sustainability of legumes production in South Europe

Part 3. Energy
7. The role of using bioalcohol fuels in sustainable development
8. Sustainability of biogas production with small sized plant in South America
9. CowEnergy -Possibilities of energy managment in energy self-sufficient dariy cowsheds

Part 4. Green Production
10. Use of IoT technologies for irrigation and plant protection: the case for Cypriot fruits and vegetables
11. Where do we stand with digitalization? An assessment of digital transformation in Hungarian agriculture
12. Assessing the impact of the IoT technology-based swine farm environment management system on farm productivity
13. Time study for improving outputs and apple quality using integrated harvest platform conveyors
14. Modelling labour time requirements of two dock control procedures in organic farming: manual digging and hotwater treatment
15. Exploiting Voice Recognition Techniques to Provide Farm and Greenhouse Monitoring for Elderly or Disabled Farmers, over Wi-Fi and LoRa Interfaces

Part 5. Social Aspects
16. Smart Farming and Digitization of research farms – a holistic concept for science and teaching
17. The role of gamification in sustainable agricultural higher education
18. The agricultural occupations landscape in view of work automation
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