Urban and Regional Agriculture,
Edition 1 Building Resilient Food Systems
Edited by Peter Droege

Publication Date: 09 Dec 2022

Urban and Regional Agriculture: Building Resilient Food Systems explores the sustainable integration of food provision, distribution and consumption through urban farms, agricultural systems, user communities and structural facilities designed to optimize food production and consumption. The book addresses the fundamental and pressing challenges of urban planning problems, waste minimization, food sourcing, access and equity issues, and multiple land use optimization. Sections cover the need and opportunities of urban agriculture, discuss tradition and transition, space and regulatory topics, explore the range of urban agriculture options (aquaculture to urban permaculture), discuss support structures and constructs of physically creating urban agricultural areas, and much more.

Edited and authored by leading experts in the field, this volume will be valuable for those working to address issues of food security in urban environments.

Key Features

  • Integrates agriculture and urban settings to improve food security
  • Examines relevant considerations, from development to the regulation of food system architectures
  • Provides regionally specific considerations to guide effective and efficient implementation
About the author
Edited by Peter Droege, Director, Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, President, Eurosolar, European Association of Renewable Energy and General Chairman, World Council for Renewable Energy
Table of Contents

1. Farming for a stable climate
Peter Droege

2. Community-based urban agriculture for food justice: a review
Marie Asma Ben-Othmen, Vivianne Cardoze, Julia Hani and Loïc Sauvee
3. The role of food policy councils in supporting urban agriculture: A scoping review
Rebecca Schiff and Ashley Wilkinson
4. A city for all who eat: foodscape values for liveable cities
Alana Mann 
5. Urbanerural food system convergence as a vector for sustainable transformation
Alison Blay-Palmer, Rene van Veenhuizen, Guido Santini, Dinah Hoffmann, Patrick Wodni, Philipp Stierand and Lori Stahlbrand
6. Cuba's Agroecological Revolution: Implication for Widespread Adoption 
Cooper Olds

7. From Reformation to Garden Cities - a Danish perspective on the development of urban agriculture in Europe
Paul Rye Kledal
8. Nexus of urban gardening and social sustainability in post-socialist Cities
Saša Poljak Istenic, Mateja Šmid and Jani Kozina
9. Access to and control over resources in urban agriculture in Tamale, Ghana
Eileen Nchanji, Lutomia Cosmas and Yvonne Nchanji
10. Intensive, informal, individual: Ankara urban farms
Kumru Arapgirlioglu
11. The contribution of sustainable food system policies and initiatives for the Milan Metropolitan Area resilience
Angela Colucci and Lorenza Maria Sganzetta
12. Amplifying sustainable commercial urban agriculture in Sweden through the Stadsbruk method
Rebecca Laycock Pedersen, Giles Thomson, Lena Friblick, Cyrille Gaubert and Saba Nazarin
13. Circular metropolis and local food strategy: instrument of urban sustainability transition? Case studies Bristol and Vancouver
Jörg Knieling and André Stein-Schomburg

14. Grown in the City: A design typologies for productive landscapes
Jessica Ann Diehl
15. Urban integration of aquaponics: advancing integrated food systems for the circular city
Gundula Proksch, Erin Horn and George Lee
16. Translating unique agricultural precedents into public urban agriculture design
Joshua Zeunert and Tanya Court
17. The ReciproCity: nature-driven urbanism in Western Sydney
Rob Roggema, Nico Tillie and Greg Keeffe

18. Commercial rooftop greenhouses: technical requirements, operational strategies, economic considerations, and future opportunities
Gundula Proksch and Alex Ianchenko
19. Indoor farms for tomorrow’s cities: improving environmental and economic performance
Julia Kurnik
20. Peruvian Hydroponics: low-cost options to produce vegetables for South American cities
Rodriguez-Delfin Alfredo
21. Living Architecture: Metabolic applications for next-generation, selectively programmable bioreactors
Molly Hogle, Barbara Imhof, Waltraut Hoheneder, Rachel Armstrong, Ioannis Ieropoulos, Lauren Wallis, Jiseon You and Juan Nogales

Book details
ISBN: 9780128202869
Page Count: 654
Illustrations : 677 illustrations (200 in full color)
Retail Price : £165.00
9780128017753; 9780124045606; 9780128136171
Researchers and practitioners addressing issues of food security in urban environments, researchers and developers in urban agriculture, food science, policy and regulation
Urban architects, planners, government officials, community and social service leaders