Technical Aspects of Modern Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery,
Edition 1
Edited by Mario Gaudino

Publication Date: 25 Nov 2020

Coronary surgery encompasses two thirds of all adult cardiac surgery cases. With the endless pursuit of better outcomes, modern coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) has become technically more complex in ways that are well beyond the training of the average cardiac surgeon. The old concept of "one-technique-fits-all" has been abandoned in favour of a specialized approach tailored to the individual patient. In fact, in recent years, there is a growing movement towards establishing coronary surgery as a super-specialization of cardiac surgery.

Technical Aspects of Modern Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery aims to expand on both the basics and complexities of the technical aspects of coronary surgery. It serves as an up to date resource that illustrates and details the advancement and techniques in this field which may soon become a separate super-specialty. With a particular emphasis on illustrations, the book will be an essential reference book for both established surgeons that have no experience in advanced CABG, and the new generation of CABG surgeons.

Key Features

  • A complete and concise resource on all aspects of coronary surgery
  • In-depth illustrative review of various coronary techniques
  • Covers both current recommendations and well-established practices in the field
About the author
Edited by Mario Gaudino, Director of Translational and Clinical Research, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine Chair Coronary Artery Task Force, European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery
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ISBN: 9780128203484
Page Count: 378
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Cardiovascular surgeons, practicing clinicians, younger cardiothoracic surgeons in fellowship training, cardiovascular researchers, cardiothoracic researchers. Established cardiothoracic surgeons who would like to familiarize themselves with newer guidelines and techniques in the field. A course or workshop directed at improving and teaching hands-on skills in coronary surgery to cardiothoracic surgeons