Chemical Analysis for Forensic Evidence,
Edition 1
By Arian van Asten

Publication Date: 23 Nov 2022

Chemical Analysis for Forensic Evidence provides readers with the fundamental framework of forensic analytical chemistry, describing the entire process, from crime scene investigation to evidence sampling, laboratory analysis, quality aspects, and reporting and testifying in court. In doing so, important principles and aspects are demonstrated through the various forensic expertise areas in which analytical chemistry plays a key role, including illicit drugs, explosives, toxicology, fire debris analysis and microtraces such as gunshot residues, glass and fibers. This book illuminates the underlying practical framework that governs how analytical chemistry is used in practice by forensic experts to solve crime.

Arian van Asten utilizes a hands-on approach with numerous questions, examples, exercises and illustrations to help solidify key concepts and teach them in an engaging way.

Key Features

  • Provides a forensic analytical chemistry framework based on how professionals actually use chemistry to solve crimes
  • Introduces leading principles necessary to forensic practice understanding
  • Answers key questions with a wealth of illustrations and real-world examples
About the author
By Arian van Asten, Professor of Forensic Analytical Chemistry and On-Scene Chemical Analysis, and Director of the Master’s of Forensic Science program, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Table of Contents
1. An introduction to Forensic Analytical Chemistry2. Analytical Chemistry in the Forensic Laboratory3. Sampling and Sample Preparation4. Qualitative Analysis and the Selectivity Dilemma5. Quantitative Analysis and the Legal Limit Dilemma6. Chemical Profiling, Databases and Evidential Value7. Forensic Reconstruction through Chemical Analysis8. From Data to Forensic Insight using Chemometrics9. Quality and Chain of Custody10. Reporting in the Criminal Justice System11. Innovating Forensic Analytical Chemistry
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ISBN: 9780128207154
Page Count: 574
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Masters- and PhD-level students in Forensic Science or Analytical Chemistry; forensic expert trainees at forensic institutes and laboratories; instructors, lecturers, and professors teaching forensic analytical chemistryForensic Scientists at academic institutions; forensic experts at forensic institutes and laboratories; managers at forensic institutes and laboratories