Meeting the Challenges of Data Quality Management,
Edition 1
By Laura Sebastian-Coleman

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2022

Meeting the Challenges of Data Quality Management outlines the foundational concepts of data quality management and its challenges. The book enables data management professionals to help their organizations get more value from data by addressing the five challenges of data quality management: the meaning challenge (recognizing how data represents reality), the process/quality challenge (creating high-quality data by design), the people challenge (building data literacy), the technical challenge (enabling organizational data to be accessed and used, as well as protected), and the accountability challenge (ensuring organizational leadership treats data as an asset). Organizations that fail to meet these challenges get less value from their data than organizations that address them directly.


The book describes core data quality management capabilities and introduces new and experienced DQ practitioners to practical techniques for getting value from activities such as data profiling, DQ monitoring and DQ reporting. It extends these ideas to the management of data quality within big data environments. This book will appeal to data quality and data management professionals, especially those involved with data governance, across a wide range of industries, as well as academic and government organizations. Readership extends to people higher up the organizational ladder (chief data officers, data strategists, analytics leaders) and in different parts of the organization (finance professionals, operations managers, IT leaders) who want to leverage their data and their organizational capabilities (people, processes, technology) to drive value and gain competitive advantage.


This will be a key reference for graduate students in computer science programs which normally have a limited focus on the data itself and where data quality management is an often-overlooked aspect of data management courses.

Key Features

  • Describes the importance of high-quality data to organizations wanting to leverage their data and, more generally, to people living in today’s digitally interconnected world
  • Explores the five challenges in relation to organizational data, including "Big Data," and proposes approaches to meeting them
  • Clarifies how to apply the core capabilities required for an effective data quality management program (data standards definition, data quality assessment, monitoring and reporting, issue management, and improvement) as both stand-alone processes and as integral components of projects and operations
  • Provides Data Quality practitioners with ways to communicate consistently with stakeholders
About the author
By Laura Sebastian-Coleman, Data Quality Director, Prudential
Table of Contents

Section 1 Data in today’s organizations
1. The importance of data quality management
2. Organizational data and the five challenges of managing data quality
3. Data quality and strategy

Section 2 The five challenges in depth
4. The data challenge: the mechanics of meaning
5. The process challenge: managing for quality
6. The technical challenge: data/technology balance
7. The people challenge: building data literacy
8. The culture challenge: organizational accountability for data

Section 3 Data quality management practices
9. Core data quality management capabilities
10. Dimensions of data quality
11. Data life cycle processes
12. Tying It Together

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ISBN: 9780128217375
Page Count: 352
Retail Price : £45.95
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Data quality engineers, data managers, data analysts, researchers, and engineers who need to ensure consistent, accurate and reliable data across their company, laboratory, or hospital. Graduate students and researchers in data and computer science. Sections 1 and 2 will be of great interest to data governance professionals, data strategists, IT professionals, and chief data officers.