Edition 1 Baseball, Steroids, and How the Game has Changed Over the Past Two Generations
By Gabriel B. Costa

Publication Date: 05 Jan 2022
Sabermetrics: Baseball, Steroids, and How the Game has Changed Over the Past Two Generations offers an introduction to this increasing area of interest to statisticians, students of the game, and many others. Pairing a primer on the applied math with an overview of the origin of the field and its context within baseball today, the work provides an engaging resource for students and interested readers. It includes coverage of relevant baseball history, Bill James and SABR, broken records and steroids.

Drawing on the author’s experience teaching the subject at Seton Hall University since 1988, Sabermetrics also offers practice questions and solutions for class use.

Key Features

  • Provides an accessible, brief introduction to the practice of sabermetrics
  • Approaches the topic in context with recent trends and issues in baseball
  • Includes questions and solutions for math practice
About the author
By Gabriel B. Costa, Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, USA
Table of Contents
About the Contributors
1. An appreciation of baseball and its mathematics— by Chris Arney
2. Is baseball still the national pastime?— by John DeSomma
3. Baseball before steroids— by Daniel Gross
4. Bill James and the genesis of sabermetrics— by John T. Saccoman
5. Rattling the sabermetrics— by Eugene Reynolds
6. The annihilation of records: Where have you gone, Babe Ruth?— by Michael Huber
7. Steroids, etc.—by Michael Scioletti
8. Scandal scarred: A discussion of our national pastime’s controversial history— by Jesse Germain
9. The last inning—by Lee Evans
10. Epilogue: Where have we been? Where do we go from here? A final word from the editor
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