Agrios' Plant Pathology,
Edition 6
Edited by Richard Oliver

Publication Date: 30 May 2024
Agrios' Plant Pathology, Sixth Edition is the ultimate reference in the field. Here, Dr. Richard Oliver provides a fully updated table of contents with revised and new chapters and invited contributors from around the globe. Building on his legacy, this new edition is an essential read for students, faculty and researchers interested in plant pathology. Sections outline how to recognize, treat and prevent plant diseases and provide extensive coverage on abiotic, fungal, viral, bacterial, nematode and other plant diseases and their associated epidemiology. A large range of case studies take a deep dive into the genetics and modern management of several plant species.

Key Features

  • Updates with a new edition of Agrios’ Plant Pathology, including information on molecular techniques and biological control in plant diseases
  • Includes numerous excellent diagrams and photographs
  • Provides a large variety of disease examples for instructors to choose for their course
  • Edited by a renowned expert in plant pathology, Dr. Richard Oliver
About the author
Edited by Richard Oliver, John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Chief Scientist, Centre for Crop Disease Management, Curtin University, Australia
Table of Contents

A. General Aspects
1. Introduction
2. Parasitism and Disease Development
3. Effects on physiology
4. Genetics of disease
5. How pathogens cause disease
6. Plant defense
7. Environmental impacts
8. Epidemiology
9. Control of diseases

B. Specific plant diseases
10. Fungi
a. Classification
b. Examples of diseases
11. Oomycetes
12. Prokaryote inc phytoplasma
13. Virus and viroids
14. Nematodes
15. Other pathogens

C. Diseases of Specific crop plants
16. Cereals
17. Rice
18. Soyabeans
19. Cool season legumes
20. Brassicas
21. Potato
22. Turfgrass
23. Trees (forest)
24. Grapes
25. Tree crops
26. Ornamentals
27. Bananas
28. Arabidopsis
29. Medicago truncatula
30. Citrus

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Undergraduate students, graduate students, and scientists in the field of plant pathology and agronomy