Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction,
Edition 1 Theory, Methods, and Applications
Edited by Mehmet Akcakaya, Mariya Ivanova Doneva and Claudia Prieto

Publication Date: 11 Nov 2022
Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction: Theory, Methods and Applications presents the fundamental concepts of MR image reconstruction, including its formulation as an inverse problem, as well as the most common models and optimization methods for reconstructing MR images. The book discusses approaches for specific applications such as non-Cartesian imaging, under sampled reconstruction, motion correction, dynamic imaging and quantitative MRI. This unique resource is suitable for physicists, engineers, technologists and clinicians with an interest in medical image reconstruction and MRI.

Key Features

  • Explains the underlying principles of MRI reconstruction, along with the latest research<
  • Gives example codes for some of the methods presented
  • Includes updates on the latest developments, including compressed sensing, tensor-based reconstruction and machine learning based reconstruction
About the author
Edited by Mehmet Akcakaya, McGill University, USA; Mariya Ivanova Doneva, Senior Scientist, Philips Research, Germany and Claudia Prieto, Reader, School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, UK
Table of Contents

PART 1 Basics of MRI Reconstruction
1. Brief introduction to MRI physics
2. MRI reconstruction as an inverse problem
3. Optimization algorithms for MR reconstruction
4. Non-Cartesian MRI reconstruction
5. “Early¿ constrained reconstruction methods

PART 2 Reconstruction of undersampled MRI data
6. Parallel imaging
7. Simultaneous multislice reconstruction
8. Sparse reconstruction
9. Low-rank matrix and tensor–based reconstruction
10. Dictionary, structured low-rank, and manifold learning-based reconstruction
11. Machine learning for MRI reconstruction

PART 3 Reconstruction methods for nonlinear forward models in MRI
12. Imaging in the presence of magnetic field inhomogeneities
13. Motion-corrected reconstruction
14. Chemical shift encoding-based water-fat separation
15. Model-based parametric mapping reconstruction
16. Quantitative susceptibility-mapping reconstruction

APPENDIX A Linear algebra primer

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Page Count: 516
Illustrations : 75 illustrations (45 in full color)
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