Elementary Linear Algebra,
Edition 6
By Stephen Andrilli and David Hecker

Publication Date: 27 Jun 2022

*Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) Textbook Excellence Award Winner, 2024*

Elementary Linear Algebra, Sixth Edition provides a solid introduction to both the computational and theoretical aspects of linear algebra, covering many important real-world applications, including graph theory, circuit theory, Markov chains, elementary coding theory, least-squares polynomials and least-squares solutions for inconsistent systems, differential equations, computer graphics and quadratic forms. In addition, many computational techniques in linear algebra are presented, including iterative methods for solving linear systems, LDU Decomposition, the Power Method for finding eigenvalues, QR Decomposition, and Singular Value Decomposition and its usefulness in digital imaging.

Key Features

  • Prepares students with a thorough coverage of the fundamentals of introductory linear algebra
  • Presents each chapter as a coherent, organized theme, with clear explanations for each new concept
  • Builds a foundation for math majors in the reading and writing of elementary mathematical proofs
About the author
By Stephen Andrilli, Emeritus Professor, Mathematics Department, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA, USA and David Hecker, Emeritus Professor, Mathematics Department, Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Table of Contents

1. Vectors and Matrices
2. Systems of Linear Equations
3. Determinants and Eigenvalues
4. Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces
5. Linear Transformations 
6. Orthogonality
7. Complex Vector Spaces and General Inner Products
8. Additional Applications
9. Numerical Methods
A: Miscellaneous Proofs
B: Functions
C: Complex Numbers
D: Answers to Selected Exercises

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ISBN: 9780128229781
Page Count: 544
Illustrations : Approx. 105 illustrations (105 in full color)
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