High Performance Computing,
Edition 2 Modern Systems and Practices
By Thomas Sterling, Maciej Brodowicz and Matthew Anderson

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2024
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Performance Computing: Modern Systems and Practices is a fully comprehensive and easily accessible treatment of high performance computing, covering fundamental concepts and essential knowledge while also providing key skills training. With this book, students will begin their careers with an understanding of possible directions for future research and development in HPC, domain scientists will learn how to use supercomputers as a key tool in their quest for new knowledge, and practicing engineers will discover how supercomputers can employ HPC systems and methods to the design and simulation of innovative products.

This new edition has been fully updated, and has been reorganized and restructured to improve accessibility for undergraduate students while also adding trending content such as machine learning and a new chapter on CUDA.

Key Features

  • Covers enabling technologies, system architectures and operating systems, parallel programming languages and algorithms, scientific visualization, correctness and performance debugging tools and methods, GPU accelerators, and big data problems
  • Provides numerous examples that explore the basics of supercomputing while also providing practical training in the real use of high-end computers
  • Helps users with informative and practical examples that build knowledge and skills through incremental steps
  • Features sidebars of background and context to present a live history and culture of this unique field
About the author
By Thomas Sterling, Indiana University Bloomington, USA; Maciej Brodowicz, Indiana University Bloomington, USA and Matthew Anderson, Department of English, University of New England, Maine, USA
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. HPC Architecture
3. Commodity Clusters
4. Benchmarking
5. The Essential Moab
6. SMP
7. The Essential OpenMP
8. The Essential MPI
9. Parallel Algorithms
10. Libraries
11. Operating Systems
12. Scientific Visualization
13. Performance Monitoring
14. Debugging
15. Accelerators
16. Essential OpenACC
17. Mass Storage
18. File Systems
19. Map Reduce
20. Checkpointing
21. Beyond (Next Steps)
Appendices: Essential C Linux?User Interface

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ISBN: 9780128230350
Page Count: 480
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Students enrolled in upper level parallel and high-performance computing courses in the US