Statistical Methods,
Edition 4
By Donna L. Mohr, William J. Wilson and Rudolf J. Freund

Publication Date: 30 Jun 2021
Statistical Methods, Fourth Edition, is designed to introduce students to a wide-range of popular and practical statistical techniques. Requiring a minimum of advanced mathematics, it is suitable for undergraduates in statistics, or graduate students in the physical, life, and social sciences. By providing an overview of statistical reasoning, this text equips readers with the insight needed to summarize data, recognize good experimental designs, implement appropriate analyses, and arrive at sound interpretations of statistical results.

Key Features

  • Includes extensive case studies and exercises drawn from a variety of disciplines
  • Provides practice problems for each chapter with complete solutions
  • Offers new and updated data sets available online
  • Includes recommended data analysis projects with accompanying data sets
About the author
By Donna L. Mohr, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, University of North Florida, FL, USA; William J. Wilson, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, USA and Rudolf J. Freund, Texas A&M University, USA
Table of Contents
1. Data and statistics
2. Probability and sampling distributions
3. Principles of inference
4. Inferences on a single population
5. Inferences for two populations
6. Inferences for two or more means
7. Linear regression
8. Multiple regression
9. Linear models
10. Factorial experiments
11. Design of experiments
12. Categorical data
13. Generalized linear models
14. Nonparametric methods
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Page Count: 784
Illustrations : 650 illustrations (350 in full color)
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Students at the advanced undergraduate / early graduate level. Researchers/Professionals

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