Synapse Development and Maturation,
Edition 1 Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience
Edited by Pasko Rakic, John Rubenstein, Bin Chen and Kenneth Y. Kwan

Publication Date: 31 May 2020
Synapse Development and Maturation, the latest release in the Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience series, presents the latest information on the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural development. The book provides a much-needed update that underscores the latest research in this rapidly evolving field, with new section editors discussing the technological advances that are enabling the pursuit of new research on brain development. This volume focuses on the synaptogenesis and developmental sequences in the maturation of intrinsic and synapse-driven patterns.

Key Features

  • Features leading experts in various subfields as section editors and article authors
  • Presents articles that have been peer reviewed to ensure accuracy, thoroughness and scholarship
  • Includes coverage of mechanisms which regulate synapse formation and maintenance during development
  • Covers neural activity, from cell-intrinsic maturation, to early correlated patterns of activity
About the author
Edited by Pasko Rakic, Department of Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine, USA; John Rubenstein, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco, USA; Bin Chen, Professor of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA and Kenneth Y. Kwan, Assistant Professor of Human Genetics and Research Assistant Professor, Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan, USA
Table of Contents

I: SYNAPTOGENESIS1. Molecular Composition of Developing Glutamatergic SynapsesA. Kimberley McAllister2. In Vivo Imaging of SynaptogenesisEdward S. Ruthazer3. Astrocytes and synaptogenesisCagla Eroglu and William Christopher Risher4. Genetic Analysis of SynaptogenesisDavid L. Van Vactor Jr.5. New Imaging Tools to Study SynaptogenesisMatthew B. Dalva and Sylvain Le Marchand6. Wnt SignalingPatricia C. Salinas7. Neurotrophin & synaptogenesisMoses Chao, Freddy Jeanneteau and Margarita Arango-Lievano8. Neuroligins and NeurexinsPeter Scheiffele9. Synapse Formation in the Developing Vertebrate Retina Wei Wei10. Synaptogenesis in the Adult CNS – HippocampusAlejandro Schinder11. Synaptogenesis in the Adult CNS–Olfactory SystemADI Mizrahi and Amit Vinograd

II: DEVELOPMENTAL SEQUENCES IN THE MATURATION OF INTRINSIC AND SYNAPSE-DRIVEN PATTERNS12. GABA: A Multifacet Device that Exerts a Crucial Role in Brain DevelopmentYehezkel Ben-Ari13. Chloride Homeodynamics Underlying Pathogenic Modal Shifts of GABA Actions Atsuo Fukuda14. Multimodal GABAA Receptor Functions on Cell DevelopmentAtsuo Fukuda15. GABAergic Signaling at Newborn Mossy Fiber–CA3 Synapses: Short- and Long-Term Activity-Dependent Plasticity ProcessesEnrico Cherubini and Marilena Griguoli16. Retinal Waves and their Role in Visual System Development Marla Feller17. Neurotransmitter Phenotype Plasticity: from calcium signaling to functional consequencesNicholas C. Spitzer and Michaël Demarque18. Developmental Sequences in the Maturation of Intrinsic and Synapse Driven PatternsArianna Maffei19. Functional maturation of neocortical inhibitory interneuronsAndrea Hasenstaub20. The role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in neural circuit development and functionAnita E. Autry21. Striatal circuit development and synapse maturationYevgenia Kozorovitskiy22. Cajal-Retzius and subplate cells: transient cortical neurons and circuits with long-term impactHeiko J. Luhmann23. AMPA receptor trafficking in the developing and mature glutamatergic synapseHarold D. MacGillavry

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ISBN: 9780128236727
Page Count: 558
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