Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students,
Edition 1 The Essential Toolbox
By Brent J. Lewis, E. Nihan Onder and Andrew Prudil

Publication Date: 15 Jun 2021
Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students: The Essential Toolbox provides a concise treatment for applied mathematics. Derived from two semester advanced mathematics courses at the author’s university, the book delivers the mathematical foundation needed in an engineering program of study. Other treatments typically provide a thorough but somewhat complicated presentation where students do not appreciate the application. This book focuses on the development of tools to solve most types of mathematical problems that arise in engineering – a “toolbox¿ for the engineer. It provides an important foundation but goes one step further and demonstrates the practical use of new technology for applied analysis with commercial software packages (e.g., algebraic, numerical and statistical).

Key Features

  • Delivers a focused and concise treatment on the underlying theory and direct application of mathematical methods so that the reader has a collection of important mathematical tools that are easily understood and ready for application as a practicing engineer
  • The book material has been derived from class-tested courses presented over many years in applied mathematics for engineering students (all problem sets and exam questions given for the course(s) are included along with a solution manual)
  • Provides fundamental theory for applied mathematics while also introducing the application of commercial software packages as modern tools for engineering application, including: EXCEL (statistical analysis); MAPLE (symbolic and numeric computing environment); and COMSOL (finite element solver for ordinary and partial differential equations)
About the author
By Brent J. Lewis, Formerly, Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada ; E. Nihan Onder, Fuel Development Branch, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada and Andrew Prudil, Computational Techniques Group, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, Ontario, Canada
Table of Contents

1. Prologue
2. Ordinary Differential Equations
3. Laplace and Fourier Transform Methods
4. Matrices and Linear Systems of Equations
5. Analytical Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equations
6.Difference Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
7. Finite Element Technique
8. Treatment of Experimental Results
9. Numerical Analysis
10. Introduction to Complex Analysis
11. Nondimensionalisation
12. Nonlinear Differential Equations
13. Integral Equations
14. Calculus of Variations

Book details
ISBN: 9780128236819
Page Count: 432
Illustrations : 61 illustrations (55 in full color)
Retail Price : £78.99
9780123948113; 9780128122563; 9780128172100; 9780128182178
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3rd and 4th year undergraduate engineering students; practicing engineers needing to catch up on useful techniques and current commercial software applications