GMOs and Political Stance,
Edition 1 Global GMO Regulation, Certification, Labeling, and Consumer Preferences
Edited by Muhammad Amjad Nawaz, Gyuhwa Chung, Kirill Sergeyevich Golokhvast and Aristidis M. Tsatsakis

Publication Date: 09 Dec 2022
GMOS and Political Stance: Global GMO Regulation, Certification, Labeling, and Consumer Preferences provides a foundational-to-current challenges resource for those involved in developing and applying regulations to these important resources. Beginning with basics of GMOs, the book first familiarizes the reader with the history, economic status, associated risks, global politics, and socio-economics of GMOs. From exploring the necessity of GMO regulations with the existing GMO technology as well as new gene editing technologies to discussion by GMO regulations experts from different continents and countries, readers will find the information necessary to understand the laws, rules, regulations and policies at domestic and international scale. A last chapter delivers an update and future look on gene-edited food and feed and discusses the possibilities on the future risk assessment, legislation and regulation of gene-edited products. GMOS and Political Stance provides a unique and applicable synchronization of all regulatory information on GMOs to facilitate effective and efficient regulatory development and adherence.

Key Features

  • Guides law and policy makers particularly from developing countries toward sound policies in line with international regulations
  • Presents a global overview of genetic modification of organisms and their emerging role in food supply
  • Provides insights into future risk assessment strategies and potential for new legislative process development
About the author
Edited by Muhammad Amjad Nawaz, Senior Researcher, Education and Scientific Center of Nanotechnology, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia; Gyuhwa Chung, Emeritus Research Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Chonnam National University, Republic of Korea; Kirill Sergeyevich Golokhvast, Professor, Russian Academy of Education and Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia and Aristidis M. Tsatsakis, Director, Department of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, Medical School, University of Crete, University Hospital of Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Table of Contents

1. GMOs: History, Economic Status, Risks, and Socio-Economic Regulatory Frameworks

Muhammad Amjad Nawaz, Muhammad Amjad Ali, Kirill S. Golokhvast, Aristidis M. Tsatsakis and Gyuhwa Chung

2. The need of regulations for GM crops and products thereof

Aqsa Parvaiz, Sadam Munawar, Muhammad Amjad Nawaz, Ghulam Mustafa, Muhammad Sarwar Khan and Faiz Ahmad Joyia

3. GMO Regulations in Bangladesh

Nusrat Sultana and Md. Imdadul Hoque

4. Agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) regulation in China

Usman Babar and Ruqiang Xu

5. GMO Regulations in India

Jeyachandran Sivakamavalli and Yashika Pusam

6. Adaptation of genetically modified crops in Pakistan

Hafiza Iqra Almas, Muhammad Tehseen Azhar, Rana Muhammad Atif, Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal, Azeem Iqbal Khan and Iqrar Ahmad Rana

7. Genetically modified organisms in Korea: state of affairs, policy, and regulation

Ik-Young Choi, Taeyoung Um and Gyuhwa Chung

8. Genetically modified organism status, regulation, approval, labeling, and consumer perception in ASEAN

Bahagiawati Amirhusin

9. Current and future perspectives of genetically modified organisms in North America

Usman Ijaz, Aimen Shafique, Nayab Hasnain, Naeem Iqbal Babar, Roshan Zameer and Farrukh Azeem

10. Genetically modified organisms in Europe: state of affairs, birth, research, and the regulatory process(es)

Allah Bakhsh, Rida Zainab, Muhammad Amjad Ali, Gyuhwa Chung, Kirill S. Golokhvast and Muhammad Amjad Nawaz

11. Genetically modified organisms in Russia: state of affairs, politics, and regulation

Ivan Pisarev, Muhammad Amjad Nawaz and Kirill S. Golokhvast

12. An overview of regulations of genetically modified organisms in Turkiye

Allah Bakhsh, Md Jakir Hossain, Bayram Ali Yerlikaya, Sefa Ayten and Sebahattin Ozcan

13. GMOs in Mediterranean & Balkan countries: state of affairs, research, and regulation

Kokkinakis Emmanouil, Antoniou Michael, Robinson Claire, Vardavas Alexander and Aristidis M. Tsatsakis

14. Genetically modified crops in Africa: constraints, prospects, and policies

Ndiko Ludidi

15. Regulation of CRISPR edited food and feed: legislation and future

Muhammad Zubair Ghouri, Nayla Munawar, Syed Ovais Aftab and Aftab Ahmad

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ISBN: 9780128239032
Page Count: 322
Illustrations : Approx. 115 illustrations
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Government and Industry professionals, agronomic organizations who need to understand and maximize understanding of local and global regulatory status relevant to GMO