Materials Processing,
Edition 2 A Unified Approach to Processing of Metals, Ceramics, and Polymers
By Lorraine F. Francis, Ph.D

Publication Date: 26 Apr 2024

Materials Processing: A Unified Approach to Processing of Metals, Ceramics and Polymers: Second Edition is the first textbook to bring the fundamental concepts of materials processing together in a unified approach that highlights the overlap in scientific and engineering principles. The book teaches students key principles involved in the processing of engineering materials, specifically metals, ceramics, and polymers, from starting or raw materials through to final functional forms. The book's self-contained approach is based on the state of matter most central to the shaping of the material: melt, solid, powder, dispersion and solution, and vapor.

This fully updated edition includes expanded coverage of additive manufacturing and more comprehensive problem sets.

Key Features

  • Includes comprehensive coverage on the fundamental concepts of materials processing
  • Provides coverage of metals, ceramics, and polymers in one text
  • Presents examples of both standard and newer additive manufacturing methods throughout
  • Gives students an overview on the methods that they will likely encounter in their careers
About the author
By Lorraine F. Francis, Ph.D, Distinguished University Teaching Professor and Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota , Minneapolis, MN, USA
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Materials Processing
2. Starting Materials
3. Melt Processes
4. Solid Processes
5. Powder Processes
6. Dispersion and Solution Processes
7. Vapor Processes

Book details
ISBN: 9780128239087
Page Count: 666
Illustrations : Approx. 253 illustrations (53 in full color)
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Junior/senior level undergraduate and first-year graduate students in Materials Science and Engineering