Droplets of Life,
Edition 1 Membrane-Less Organelles, Biomolecular Condensates, and Biological Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
Edited by Vladimir N Uversky

Publication Date: 11 Nov 2022

Droplets of Life: Membrane-Less Organelles, Biomolecular Condensates, and Biological Liquid–Liquid Phase Separation provides foundational information on the biophysics, biogenesis, structure, functions, and roles of membrane-less organelles. The study of liquid–liquid phase separation has attracted a lot of attention from disciplines such as cell biology, biophysics, biochemistry, and others trying to understand how, why, and what roles these condensates play in homeostasis and disease states in living organisms. This book's editor recruited a group of international experts to provide a current and authoritative overview of all aspects associated with this exciting area.

Sections introduce membrane-less organelles (MLOs) and biomolecular condensates; MLOs in different sizes, shapes, and composition; and the formation of MLOs due to phase separation and how it can tune reactions, organize the intracellular environment, and provide a role in cellular fitness.


Key Features

  • Presents the first book to establish the foundations of this exciting research area
  • Combines biophysics, structural and cell biology, and biochemistry perspectives into a single volume
  • Edited and authored by world-leading scientists
  • Covers basic physical and biological principles and health and disease implications
About the author
Edited by Vladimir N Uversky, Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, Morsani College of Medicine, University of South Florida, USA
Table of Contents
Part I: Introduction to Membrane-less Organelles and Biomolecular Condensates
1. Biophysical Principles of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
2. Major Structural Features of MLOs
3. Multiphase Complex Droplets
4. Biogenesis of MLOs and Protein Condensates
5. Techniques for the Detection and Analysis of LLPS and MLOs
6. LLPS and Origin of Life

Part II: Biology of Membrane-Less Organelles
1. Known Types of Membrane-Less Organelles and Biomolecular Condensates
2. Active Regulation Mechanisms
3. Control of Metabolic Pathways
4. Interactions and Interplay with Classical Membrane-Bound Organelles
5. LLPS and Chromatin Organization
6. MLOs and Cellular Fitness
7. Cellular Stress
8. Phase Separation in Bacteria
9. Phase Separation and Virus Replication Compartments

Part III: Pathological roles of LLPS
1. Neurodegenerative Diseases
2. Cancer
3. Cardiovascular Diseases
4. Infectious Diseases
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ISBN: 9780128239674
Page Count: 728
Illustrations : 100 illustrations (50 in full color)
Retail Price : £155.00
9780128119136; 9780080492186; 9788131222973; 9780128163887
Researchers in Bioscience at PhD and Post-Doc levels. Cell Biologists and Structural Biologists. Biophysicists will be an additional audience of interest for this book, also at graduate level