Tissue Engineering,
Edition 3
Edited by Clemens van Blitterswijk and Jan De Boer

Publication Date: 16 Nov 2022
Tissue Engineering, Third Edition provides a completely revised release with sections focusing on Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering and Tissue Engineering of Selected Organs and Tissues. Key chapters are updated with the latest discoveries, including coverage of new areas (skeletal TE, ophthalmology TE, immunomodulatory biomaterials and immune systems engineering). The book is written in a scientific language that is easily understood by undergraduate and graduate students in basic biological sciences, bioengineering and basic medical sciences, and researchers interested in learning about this fast-growing field.

Key Features

  • Presents a clear structure of chapters that is aimed at those new to the field
  • Includes new chapters on immune systems engineering, skeletal tissue engineering (skeletal muscle, tendon, and ligament) eye, cornea and ophthalmology tissue engineering
  • Includes applied clinical cases studies that illustrate basic science applications
About the author
Edited by Clemens van Blitterswijk, KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), The Netherlands and Jan De Boer, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Netherlands
Table of Contents
1. An introduction to tissue engineering; the topic and the book
Jorge Alfredo Uquillas, Lorenzo Moroni and Jan de Boer
2. Stem cells
Mark F. Pittenger and Candace L. Kerr
3. Tissue formation during embryogenesis
Marcel Karperien, Bernard A.J. Roelen, Robert Passier and Susan Gibbs
4. Cellular signaling
Vanessa LaPointe and Kristopher A. Kilian
5. Extracellular matrix as a bioscaffold for tissue engineering
Brian M. Sicari, Ricardo Londono, Jenna L. Dziki and Stephen F. Badylak
6. Synthetic biomaterials
Ana A. Aldana, Jurica Bauer and Matthew B. Baker
7. Degradation of biomaterials
Clara Grace Hynes, Emily Morra, Pamela Walsh and Fraser Buchanan
8. Cellematerial interactions
Hannah Donnelly, Steven Vermeulen, Monica Tsimbouri and Matthew J. Dalby
9. Biomaterials discovery: experimental and computational approaches
Andrew L. Hook, Aurélie Carlier, Morgan R. Alexander and David A. Winkler
10. Microfabrication technology in tissue engineering
Minghao Nie, Roman Truckenmüller and Shoji Takeuchi
11. Scaffold design and fabrication
Dietmar W. Hutmacher, Biranche Tandon and Paul D. Dalton
12. Controlled release strategies in tissue engineering
Jeffrey J. Rice, Mikaël M. Martino, Sharan Bobbala, Evan A. Scott and Jeffrey A. Hubbell
13. Bioreactors: enabling technologies for research and manufacturing
Dominik Egger, Sabrina Nebel, Marius Gensler, Sebastian Kreb, Jan Hansmann and Cornelia Kasper
14. Strategies to promote vascularization, survival, and functionality of engineered tissues
Miriam Filippi, Thomas Später, Marietta Herrmann, Matthias W. Laschke, Arnaud Scherberich and Sophie Verrier
15. Skin tissue engineering and keratinocyte stem cell therapy
Rosalind Hannen, John Connelly, Simon Myers and Nkemcho Ojeh
16. Cartilage and bone regeneration
Anders Lindahl, Mats Brittberg, David Gibbs, Jonathan I. Dawson, Janos Kanczler, Cameron Black, Rahul Tare and Richard OC. Oreffo
17. Tissue engineering of the nervous system
Paul D. Dalton, Kelly L. O’Neill, Ana Paula Pêgo, Giles W. Plant, David R. Nisbet, Martin Oudega, Gary A. Brook and Alan R. Harvey
18. Principles of cardiovascular tissue engineering
Saray Chen and Smadar Cohen
19. Tissue engineering of organ systems
Adam M. Jorgensen and Anthony Atala
20. Product and process design: scalable and sustainable tissue-engineered product manufacturing
Evan Claes, Tommy Heck, Maarten Sonnaert, Filip Donvil, Anaïs Schaschkow, Tim Desmet and Jan Schrooten
21. Clinical translation
Johan Joly, Marina Marechal, Dieter Van Assche, Malcolm Moos, Jr. and Frank P. Luyten
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ISBN: 9780128244593
Page Count: 798
Illustrations : 500 illustrations (300 in full color)
Retail Price : £157.00
9780124201453; 9780123983589; 9780128016541
Students and practitioners/researchers in basic biological sciences, bioengineering, and basic medical sciences. Undergraduate and Master's programs in biomedical engineering