Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere,
Edition 2
By Maarten H.P. Ambaum

Publication Date: 18 Nov 2020

Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere, Second Edition offers a concise and thorough introduction on how basic thermodynamics naturally leads to advanced topics in atmospheric physics. Chapters cover the basics of thermodynamics and its applications in atmospheric science and describe major applications, specifically more specialized areas of atmospheric physics, including vertical structure and stability, cloud formation and radiative processes. The book is fully revised, featuring informative sections on radiative transfer, thermodynamic cycles, the historical context to potential temperature concept, vertical thermodynamic coordinates, dewpoint temperature, the Penman equation, and entropy of moist air.

This book is a necessary guide for students (graduate, advanced undergraduate, master’s level) of atmospheric science, meteorology, climate science and researchers in these fields.

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Key Features

  • Introduces a wide range of areas associated with atmospheric physics
  • Ideally suited for readers with a general physics background
  • Includes self-assessment questions in each chapter
About the author
By Maarten H.P. Ambaum, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, UK
Table of Contents

1. Ideal gases
2. The first and second laws
3. General applications
4. The atmosphere under gravity
5. Water in the atmosphere
6. Vertical structure of the moist atmosphere
7. Cloud drops
8. Mixtures and solutions
9. Thermal radiation
10. Radiative transfer
11. Non-equilibrium processes

A. Functions of several variables
B. Thermodynamic diagrams

Book details
ISBN: 9780128244982
Page Count: 268
Retail Price : £97.99

9780123850225; 9780124514515; 9780128150146


Researchers in atmospheric science, meteorology, climate science. Students (graduate, advanced undergraduate, master’s level) of atmospheric science, meteorology, climate science