Individual Motivation within Groups,
Edition 1 Social Loafing and Motivation Gains in Work, Academic, and Sports Teams
Edited by Steven Karau

Publication Date: 22 Oct 2019

Individual Motivation within Groups: Social Loafing and Motivation Gains in Work, Academic, and Sports Teams explores the state of our scientific understanding of when and why individuals are most and least likely to work hard as members of groups and work teams. This book addresses key psychological phenomena such as social loafing, social dilemmas, social facilitation, and ostracism, with each chapter creating connections to related topics such as leadership, performance in learning groups, isolated teams, and more. This volume provides a summary of the field’s history, synthesizes related research, and, using the Collective Effort Model and other key motivational theories, looks at the current level of understanding of both motivation losses and gains in groups. Individual Motivation within Groups is a vital resource for social, organizational, and applied psychologists as well as academics and researchers in these fields and related areas such as leadership and team performance.

Key Features

  • Explores individual motivation in multiple contexts such as work teams, educational settings, sports teams, and more
  • Highlights recent research advances, future directions, and linkages with related research areas
  • Discusses cross-cultural and international implications
  • Examines factors that detract from and contribute to group motivation/individual motivation within groups
About the author
Edited by Steven Karau, Southern Illinois University, Illinois, USA
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ISBN: 9780128498675
Page Count: 372
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Applied, social, and organizational psychologists; academics and researchers in these same areas, as well as those in the field of leadership