Radiology Business Practice,
Edition 1 How to Succeed
By David M. Yousem, MD, MBA and Norman J. Beauchamp, MD, MHS

Publication Date: 19 Nov 2007
To succeed in radiology, you not only need to be able to interpret diagnostic images accurately and efficiently; you also need to make wise decisions about managing your practice at every level. Whether you work in a private, group, hospital, and/or university setting, this practical resource delivers the real-world advice you need to effectively navigate day-to-day financial decisions, equipment and computer systems choices, and interactions with your partners and staff.

Key Features

  • Equips you to make the best possible decisions on assessing your equipment needs · dealing with manufacturers · purchasing versus leasing · and anticipating maintenance costs and depreciation.
  • Helps you to identify your most appropriate options for picture archiving systems and radiology information systems · security issues · high-speed lines · storage issues · workstation assessments · and paperless filmless flow.
  • Offers advice on dealing with departments/clinicians who wish to perform radiological procedures and provides strategies for win-win compromises, drawing the line, inpatient-versus-outpatient considerations, cost and revenue sharing, and more.
About the author
By David M. Yousem, MD, MBA, Associate Dean for Professional Development, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Vice Chairman of Program Development, Department of Radiology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, Baltimore, Maryland; Norman J. Beauchamp, MD, MHS, Professor of Neurological Surgery; Professor of Radiology and Chairman, Department of Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
Book Reviews
"An invaluable companion to current and future leaders in the field." — Jonathan S. Lewin, M.D., Martin W. Donner Professor and Chairman, The Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

"I enjoyed reading Radiology Practice Management: How to Succeed. It is full of business pearls. I wish I had read it before taking my current job! It is both practical and humorous." — William G. Bradley, Jr., MD, PhD, FACR, Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology, UCSD Medical Center

"I highly recommend Radiology Business Practice: How to Succeed; it truly has something to offer all readers. From the radiology resident/fellow to the chair of a large academic practice, readers will find multiple nuggets of useful and useable wisdom throughout the book and will be delighted by the thoughtful ways in which the authors have presented the information, making this book an easy and enjoyable read, considering the potentially dry subject matter." - American College of Radiology, 2008
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ISBN: 9780323044523
Page Count: 544
Illustrations : Approx. 250 illustrations
Retail Price : £66.99
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