Communication Disorders in Multicultural and International Populations,
Edition 4
By Dolores E. Battle, PhD

Publication Date: 27 Oct 2011

Written by some of the top researchers and clinicians in the field, Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations, 4th Edition offers an in-depth look at the major cultural groups in the U.S. and the issues concerning their communication development, common disorders, and treatment options. This fourth edition features a wealth of updates and new features — including the latest research and added coverage of communication issues in countries such as Australia, China, Canada, and Brazil — to give speech-language pathology students and speech-language pathologists a balanced and global perspective on the most topical multicultural communication issues of today.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage focuses on a wide variety of cultural and age populations.
  • Cutting-edge research and data offer up-to-date discussions based on the latest studies in multiculturalism as it relates to the SLP and AuD professions.
  • Diverse panel of expert authors include some of the top researchers and clinicians in the field.
  • Additional resources provide a focused listing of print and electronic sources at the end of each chapter to support more in-depth study of a particular subject.

New Features

  • Chapter on international perspectives tackles issues in countries such as Australia, Canada, China, and Brazil to give you a more global understanding of communication disorders.
  • The latest statistics from the 2010 U.S. Census report offers the most current data available.
  • Increased content on older adults covers the multicultural issues, voice disorders, and neurogenic disorders particular to this important demographic.
  • Case studies give you practice solving realistic clinical problems.
  • Chapter overview and conclusion outline the key information in each chapter and serve as a checklist for content mastery.
About the author
By Dolores E. Battle, PhD, Professor of Speech Language Pathology and Senior Advisor to the President for Equity and Campus Diversity, Buffalo State College, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY
Table of Contents

PART I: Cultural Diversity: Implications for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

1. Communication Disorders in a Multicultural Society

2. African Americans in the Americas

3. Asian and Pacific American Cultures

4. Middle Eastern and Arab American Cultures

5. Native American Culture

6. Latino Culture

PART II: Communication Disorders and Development in Multicultural Populations

7. Bilingual Language Development and Language Disorders

8. Neurogenic Communication and Swallowing Disorders

9. Fluency Disorders

10. Voice and Voice Disorders

11. Hearing Disorders and Audiology

12. Multicultural Aspects of Deafness

13. Assessing the Communicative Abilities of Clients from Diverse Cultural and Language Backgrounds

14. Clinical Practice Issues

15. Research Involving Multicultural Populations

16. International Perspectives in Communication Disorders

APPENDIX: Practice Questions for the Praxis Examination


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Page Count: 336
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