Study Guide for Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology,
Edition 1
By Andrew Case, RN, APRN, MSN, LT, USNR

Publication Date: 23 Feb 2011

The all-new Study Guide for Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology offers valuable insights and guidance that will help you quickly master anatomy and physiology. This study guide features detailed advice on achieving good grades, getting the most out of the textbook, and using visual memory as a learning tool. It also contains learning objectives, unique study tips, and approximately 4,000 study questions with an answer key – all the tools to help you arrive at a complete understanding of human anatomy.

Key Features

  • Study guide chapters mirror the chapters in the textbook making it easy to jump back and forth between the two during your reading.
  • Approximately 4,000 study questions in a variety of formats – including multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and labeling – reinforce your understanding of key concepts and content.
  • Chapters that are divided by the major topic headings found in the textbook help you target your studies.
  • Learning objectives let you know what knowledge you should take away from each chapter.
  • Detailed illustrations allow you to label the areas you need to know.
  • Study tips offering fun mnemonics and other learning devices make even the most difficult topics easy to remember.
  • Flashcard icons highlight topics that can be easily made into flashcards.
  • Answer key lists the answers to every study question in the back of the guide.
About the author
By Andrew Case, RN, APRN, MSN, LT, USNR
Table of Contents

Unit 1: Constituents of the Human Body

1. Organization of the Human Body

2. The Chemistry of Life

3. Anatomy of Cells

4. Physiology of Cells

5. Cell Growth and Reproduction

6. Tissues and Their Functions

Unit 2: Support and Movement

7. Skin and Its Appendages

8. Skeletal Tissues

9. Bones and Joints

10. Muscular System

Unit 3: Communication, Control, and Integration

11. Cells of the Nervous System

12. Central Nervous System

13. Peripheral Nervous System

14. Sense Organs

15. Endocrine System

Unit 4 Transportation and Defense

16. Blood

17. Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System

18. Physiology of the Cardiovascular System

19. Lymphatic and Immune Systems

Unit 5 Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion

20. Respiratory System

21. Digestive System

22. Nutrition and Metabolism

23. Urinary System and Fluid Balance

Unit 6 Reproduction and Development

24. Male Reproductive System

25. Female Reproductive System

26. Growth and Development

27. Human Genetics and Heredity

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Page Count: 320
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One-semester, undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology courses

Secondary: High School Anatomy and Physiology courses