Clinical Veterinary Language,
Edition 1
By Joann Colville, DVM and Sharon Oien, MT(ASCP)NM

Publication Date: 21 Jun 2013

Clinical Veterinary Language emphasizes learning and understanding veterinary language, rather than focusing primarily on anatomy and physiology. Case studies, pronunciation guides, and word-building exercises clarify word parts and concepts to help you master word meanings and the way words are built. This practical resource provides the tools you need to communicate effectively in any veterinary setting.

Key Features

  • Clinically focused chapters with case studies and medical reports provide you with the opportunity to apply your vocabulary knowledge.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks, Matching, Define the Word exercises, and more in every chapter offer vocabulary-building skills practice.
  • Quick Tips, Watch Out! and Interesting Word Origins boxes highlight key concepts and make learning vocabulary fun.
  • Objectives, key terms, outlines, chapter introductions, and key points help you prioritize information to ensure you understand what is most important in every chapter.
About the author
By Joann Colville, DVM, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA and Sharon Oien, MT(ASCP)NM
Table of Contents

SECTION I: Understanding Veterinary Medical Language

  1. Getting to Know Your Patients
  2. Assembling Framework
  3. Looking at the Entire Body
  4. SECTION II: Building a Clinical Veterinary Language

  5. The Integumentary System
  6. The Skeletal System
  7. The Muscular System
  8. The Cardiovascular System
  9. Blood and Lymph
  10. The Respiratory System
  11. The Digestive System
  12. The Nervous System
  13. The Senses
  14. The Endocrine System
  15. The Urinary System
  16. The Reproductive System


List of Abbreviations and their Chapter Number

Word Part Index by Chapter

Word Part Index with Pronunciations

Terms that Defy Word Analysis

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Page Count: 440
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