Tachdjian's Procedures in Pediatric Orthopaedics,
Edition 1 From the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
By John A. Herring, MD

Publication Date: 04 Apr 2016

Tachdjian’s Procedures in Pediatric Orthopaedics is a brand new derivative resource from Tachdjian’s Pediatric Orthopaedics, 5th Edition, the classic comprehensive offering on the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric musculoskeletal disorders and trauma. For over 40 years, Tachdjian’s has been the trusted resource in pediatric orthopaedics, written by experts at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, a world-renowned pediatric hospital.

This procedures-focused text includes more than 70 colorized, illustrated procedures, providing step-by-step surgical walkthroughs with accompanying intraoperative illustrations. This procedures-only text will appeal to general orthopaedic surgeons, pediatric orthopaedic surgeons, orthopaedic residents, and anyone who needs to quickly and easily learn new techniques or refresh their understanding of challenging procedures.

Key Features

  • 3 brand new procedures not included in Tachdjian’s Pediatric Orthopaedics, 5th Edition: Ganz Periacetabular Osteotomy, Ponte Osteotomy, and Sacro-Iliac Screws.
  • Instructional videos that demonstrate closed reduction of the left hip, pemberton osteotomy, salter osteotomy, and more.
  • Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, images, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
About the author
By John A. Herring, MD, Chief of Staff Emeritus, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
Table of Contents

Section I: Hip Disorders

Procedure 1: Closed Reduction and Casting for Developmental Dislocation of the Hip

Procedure 2: Medial Approach for Open Reduction of the Developmentally Dislocated Hip

Procedure 3: Open Reduction of Developmental Hip Dislocation Through the Anterolateral Approach

Procedure 4: Femoral Shortening and Derotation Osteotomy Combined With Open Reduction of the Hip

Procedure 5: Intertrochanteric Varus Osteotomy and Internal Fixation With a Blade Plate

Procedure 6: Greater Trochanteric Epiphysiodesis

Procedure 7: Distal and Lateral Transfer of the Greater Trochanter

Procedure 8: Lateral Advancement of the Greater Trochanter

Procedure 9: Lateral Closing Wedge Valgization Osteotomy of the Proximal Femur With Distal and Lateral Advancement of the Greater Trochanter

Procedure 10: Pemberton Osteotomy

Procedure 11: Salter Innominate Osteotomy

Procedure 12: Ganz periacetabular osteotomy

Procedure 13: Percutaneous Cannulated Screw Fixation ("Pinning") of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

Procedure 14: Scheme and Principles of the Dunn Procedure (Open Reduction of the Capital Epiphysis With Shortening of the Femoral Neck)

Procedure 15: Intraarticular Hip Fusion for Avascular Necrosis

Procedure 16: Pauwels’ Intertrochanteric Y-Osteotomy

Procedure 17: Hemipelvectomy (Banks and Coleman Technique)

Procedure 18: Hip Disarticulation

Section II: Neuromuscular Disorders

Procedure 19: Percutaneous Achilles Tendon Lengthening

Procedure 20: Split Anterior Tibialis Tendon Transfer

Procedure 21: Extraarticular Arthrodesis of the Subtalar Joint (Grice Procedure)

Procedure 22: Lateral Column Lengthening

Procedure 23: Hamstring Lengthening

Procedure 24: Rectus Femoris Transfer

Procedure 25: Adductor Contracture Release

Procedure 26: Shelf Acetabular Augmentation

Procedure 27: Dega Osteotomy

Procedure 28: Anterior Transfer of the Posterior Tibial Tendon Through the Interosseous Membrane

Procedure 29: Achilles Tendon–Distal Fibular Tenodesis for Mild Ankle Valgus in Skeletally Immature Patients

Procedure 30: Iliopsoas Muscle Transfer for Paralysis of the Hip Abductors

Procedure 31: Anterior Transfer of the Peroneus Longus Tendon to the Base of the Second Metatarsal

Procedure 32: Posterior Tendon Transfer to the Os Calcis for Correction of Calcaneus Deformity (Green and Grice Procedure)

Procedure 33: Triple Arthrodesis

Procedure 34: Extraarticular Arthrodesis of the Subtalar Joint (Grice Procedure)

Procedure 35: Extensor Carpi Ulnaris–Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis Transfer

Procedure 36: Fractional Lengthening of the Finger and Wrist Flexors in the Forearm Operative Technique

Procedure 37: Scapulocostal Stabilization for Scapular Winging (Ketenjian Technique)

Section III: Spine Disorders

Procedure 38: Exposure of the Spine for Posterior Instrumentation and Fusion

Procedure 39: Ponte osteotomy

Procedure 40: Posterior Spinal Instrumentation and Fusion Using Pedicle Screws

Procedure 41: Sacro-Iliac Screws

Procedure 42: Anterior Instrumentation of the Spine for Thoracolumbar or Lumbar Scoliosis

Section IV: Lower Extremity Disorders

Procedure 43: Quadricepsplasty for Recurrent Dislocation of the Patella (Green Procedure)

Procedure 44: Knee Fusion for Prosthetic Conversion in Proximal Focal Femoral Deficiency

Procedure 45: Open Reduction of Dorsolateral Dislocation of the Talocalcaneonavicular Joint (Congenital Vertical Talus)

Procedure 46: Plantar Fasciotomy

Procedure 47: Transfer of the Long Toe Extensors to the Heads of the Metatarsals (Jones Transfer)

Procedure 48: Dwyer Lateral Wedge Resection of the Calcaneus for Pes Cavus

Procedure 49: Dorsal Wedge Resection for Pes Cavus

Procedure 50: Japas V-Osteotomy of the Tarsus

Procedure 51: Correction of Hammer Toe by Resection and Arthrodesis of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint

Procedure 52: Epiphysiodesis of the Distal Femur (the Green Modification of the Phemister Technique)

Procedure 53: Percutaneous Epiphyseodesis

Procedure 54: Epiphysiodesis of the Proximal Tibia and Fibula (the Green Modification of the Phemister Technique)

Procedure 55: Ischial-Bearing Above-Knee Amputation (Midthigh Amputation)

Procedure 56: Disarticulation of the Knee Joint

Procedure 57: Below-Knee Amputation

Procedure 58: Arthrodesis of the Ankle Joint via the Anterior Approach Without Disturbing the Distal Tibial Growth Plate

Section V: Upper Extremity Disorders

Procedure 59: Lateral Rotation Osteotomy of the Humerus

Procedure 60: Rerouting of the Biceps Brachii Tendon to Convert Its Motion From Supinator to Pronator of the Forearm (Zancolli Procedure)

Procedure 61: Modified Green Scapuloplasty for Congenital High Scapula (Sprengel Deformity)

Procedure 62: Woodward Operation for Congenital High Scapula

Procedure 63: Disarticulation of the Shoulder

Procedure 64: Amputation Through the Arm

Procedure 65: Disarticulation of the Elbow

Procedure 66: Posterior Release of Elbow Extension Contracture

Procedure 67: Posterior Approach for Forequarter Amputation (Littlewood Technique)

Procedure 68: Flexorplasty of the Elbow (the Mayer and Green Modification of the Steindler Technique)

Procedure 69: Pectoralis Major Transfer for Paralysis of the Elbow Flexors

Book Reviews

"an ideal text in order to familiarise oneself with the recommended and preferred techniques"

"Cutting-edge current surgical techniques combined with rare surgical procedures give this work a special place in the evolution of pediatric orthopedics. Orthopedic surgeons are encouraged to own this important and practical book for its surgical procedure content and nostalgic value."

- Edward Abraham, M.D. (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine) for Doody’s Review Service

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