Music Therapy: Research and Evidence-Based Practice,
Edition 1
By Olivia Swedberg Yinger, PhD, MT-BC

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2017

Get a quick, expert overview of the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions in health care. This practical resource compiled by Dr. Olivia Swedberg Yinger provides a concise, useful overview of the profession of music therapy, including a description of each of the research-support practices that occur in the settings where music therapists most commonly work.

Key Features

  • Features a wealth of information on music therapy and its relevance in education settings, mental health treatment, medical treatment and rehabilitation, hospice and palliative care, gerontology, and wellness.
  • Includes a chapter on current trends and future directions in music therapy
  • Consolidates today’s available information and guidance in this timely area into one convenient resource.
About the author
By Olivia Swedberg Yinger, PhD, MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapist, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
Table of Contents

Yinger: Music Therapy: Research and Evidence-Based Practice


Author's Preface

1. An Overview of the Music Therapy Profession

2. Neurological Foundations of Music-based Interventions

3. Music Therapy in Educational Settings

4. Music Therapy in Mental Health Treatment

5. Music Therapy in Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation

6. Music Therapy in Hospice and Palliative Care

7. Music Therapy in Gerontology

8. Music and Wellness

9. Current Trends and Future Directions in Music Therapy


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