Skull Base Imaging,
Edition 1
By Vincent Chong, MD

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2017

Use today’s latest technology and methods to optimize imaging of complex skull base anatomy. This practical reference offers expert guidance on accurate preoperative lesion localization and the evaluation of its relationship with adjacent neurovascular structures.

Key Features

  • Features a wealth of information for radiologists and surgeons on current CT and MR imaging as they relate to skull base anatomy.
  • Covers localizing skull base lesions, reaching the appropriate differential diagnosis, and deciding which surgical approach is best.
  • Consolidates today’s available information and guidance in this challenging area into one convenient resource.
About the author
By Vincent Chong, MD, National University of Singapore, Kent Ridge, Singapore
Table of Contents
  1. Anterior Skull Base
  2. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Imaging
  3. The Sphenoid Bone
  4. Bone lesions of the Skull Base: A Forgotten Land
  5. Central Skull Base: Post-operative Imaging
  6. Imaging Hearing Loss
  7. Imaging of the Facial Nerve
  8. Temporal Bone Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases
  9. Temporal Bone Tumors
  10. Petrous Ape
  11. Skull Base Trauma
  12. Temporal Bone: Post-Operative Imaging
  13. The Jugular Foramen
  14. Cerebellopontine Angle
  15. Imaging of Craniovertebral Junction
  16. Neuro-interventional Radiology for Skull Base Lesions
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ISBN: 9780323485630
Page Count: 350
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