Scaphoid Fractures,
Edition 1 Evidence-Based Management
By Geert Alexander Buijze, MD PhD, Hand Surgeon and Jesse B. Jupiter

Publication Date: 27 Nov 2017

Get a quick, expert overview of current diagnosis and management of scaphoid fractures with this concise, practical resource by Drs. Geert Buijze and Jesse B. Jupiter. This easy-to-read reference presents a summary of today’s best evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and management in this critical area.

Key Features

  • Provides must-know information on scaphoid fractures, including how to apply evidence-based management, anatomy, diagnosis, acute fracture management, malunion treatment, and nonunion management.
  • Presents case scenarios followed by discussions of the importance of the problem, current opinion, evidence, and key recommendations.
  • Consolidates today’s evidence-based information on scaphoid fractures into one convenient resource.
About the author
By Geert Alexander Buijze, MD PhD, Hand Surgeon, Hand and upper limb surgeon, Clinique Générale d'Annecy, France. Assistant Professor, University Hospital CHU Montpellier, France, Postdoc, Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands. and Jesse B. Jupiter
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ISBN: 9780323485647
Page Count: 350
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