New Edition
Conceptual Foundations,
Edition 7 The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice
By Elizabeth E. Friberg, DNP, RN

Publication Date: 05 Jun 2019

Get an in-depth look at the nursing profession! Conceptual Foundations: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice, 7th Edition gives you the foundation you need to prepare for becoming a professional nurse. Expert educator Elizabeth E. Friberg assembles the best minds of nursing for a unique in-depth look at the profession's major theories, practices, and principles. Complete with two new chapters, this seventh edition has been fully revised throughout with content that challenges you to think critically and conceptually. In addition, new Evolve resources means you can do more online than ever before!

Key Features

  • Case studies throughout the text provide you with opportunities to develop your analytical skills.
  • Objectives at the beginning of each chapter provide a framework for study.
  • Profile in Practice scenarios at the beginning of each chapter introduce real-life situations that accompany the professional behaviors covered in the text.
  • Key points at the end of each chapter reinforce learning objectives and help you to focus on important information.
  • Critical reflective exercises at the end of each chapter help you use and apply what you have learned.
  • Chapter Introduction explains the approach and summary of the chapter content.
  • Key terms presented in italics and definitions embedded in the text make it easier to understand.

New Features

  • NEW! Two all-new chapters bring you the latest information on end of life/palliative care and resilience and compassionate care.
  • NEW! Emphasis on professional role development includes focus within the Interdisciplinary team.
  • NEW! Updated information about the Affordable Care Act includes coverage of the current legal and policy environment.
  • NEW! Extensive revision of Pathways of Nursing Education chapter reflects current focus on Academic Progression
About the author
By Elizabeth E. Friberg, DNP, RN, Associate Professor University of Virginia School of Nursing Charlottesville, Virginia
Table of Contents

Part I: Context of Professional Nursing Practice
1. A Brief History of Professional Nursing in the United States
2. NEW CHAPTER – Academic Progression
3. Beyond Professional Socialization
4. Professional Nursing Roles
5. Theories and Frameworks for Professional Nursing Practice
6. Health Policy and Practice and the Nursing Practice Environment

Part II: Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice
7. Economic Issues in Nursing and Health Care
8. Effective Communication
9. Think Like a Nurse: Essential Thinking Skills for Professional Nurses
10. Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
11. Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice
12. Ethical Dimensions of Nursing and Health Care
13. Information Management
14. Diversity in Health and Illness

Part III: Themes in Professional Nursing Practice
15. Health and Health Promotion
16. Genetics and Genomics in Professional Nursing
17. Global Rural Nursing Practice
18. Violence Against Women: An Epidemic and a Health Issue
19. Telehealth
20. Patient Safety
21. Palliative Care & End-of-Life
22. Resilience & Compassionate Care

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Page Count: 400
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