Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certification Review,
Edition 1
By Jill R. Beavers-Kirby, DNP, MS, ACNP-BC

Publication Date: 02 Apr 2021

Prepare for success on the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP certification exams! Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certification Review provides more than 1,300 review questions matching the subjects in the ANCC and AACN examination blueprints. All questions mirror the exams’ item formats, including multiple-choice and multiple-select questions, and are accompanied by answers with detailed rationales. Written by acute care NP educator Jill Beavers-Kirby and a team of expert contributors, this book provides the comprehensive review and practice you need to pass your exam!

Key Features

  • More than 1,300 review questions are provided, along with answers and detailed rationales for correct answers.
  • Subject areas match the latest ANCC and AACN examination blueprints, covering major body systems, multisystem disorders, and topics such as caring practices and collaboration.
  • Question formats match the ANCC and AACN item formats, including multiple-choice and multiple-select questions.
  • Up-to-date clinical content reflects the latest evidence-based clinical practice as well as national and international treatment guidelines and protocols.
  • Test-Taking Strategies chapter provides tips to improve study habits, strategies for decreasing anxiety, and techniques to improve students’ critical thinking and testing skills.
  • A team of highly qualified, expert authors contributes questions covered by the ANCC and AACN Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP test plans.
About the author
By Jill R. Beavers-Kirby, DNP, MS, ACNP-BC, Associate Professor, Coordinator of NP Programs, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Columbus, Ohio and Visiting Professor, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Downer's Grove, Illinois
Table of Contents
1. Test-Taking Strategies
2. Cardiovascular
3. Pulmonary
4. Endocrine
5. Musculoskeletal
6. Hematology/Immunology/Oncology
7. Neurology
8. Gastrointestinal
9. Renal/Genitourinary
10. Integumentary
11. Multisystem
12. Psychosocial/Behavioral/Cognitive Health
13. Advocacy/Moral Agency
14. Caring Practices
15. Collaboration
16. Systems Thinking
17. Response to Diversity
18. Clinical Inquiry
19. Facilitation of Learning
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ISBN: 9780323556064
Page Count: 344
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