New Edition
Essentials of Radiographic Physics and Imaging,
Edition 3
By James Johnston, Ph.D., R.T.(R)(CV), FASRT and Terri L. Fauber, EdD, RT(R)(M)

Publication Date: 22 Aug 2019

Prepare for success on the ARRT exam and in the practice of radiography! Essentials of Radiographic Physics and Imaging, 3rd Edition follows the ASRT recommended curriculum and focuses on what the radiographer needs to understand to safely and competently perform radiographic examinations. This comprehensive text gives you a foundational understanding of basic physics principles such as atom structure, electricity and magnetism, and electromagnetic radiation. It then covers imaging principles, radiation production and characteristics, digital image quality, imaging equipment, digital image acquisition and display, image analysis, and more- linking physics to the daily practice of radiographers. New for the third edition is updated information on radiation classifications, a shift in focus to SI units, and a thoroughly updated chapter on Fluoroscopic Imaging.

Key Features

  • UPDATED! Content reflects the newest standards outlined by the ARRT and ASRT, providing you with the information you needed to pass the boards.
  • Chapter Review Questions at the end of every chapter allow you to evaluate how well you have mastered the material in each chapter.
  • Critical Thinking Questions at the end of every chapter offer opportunity for review and greater challenge.
  • Critical Concept boxes further explain and emphasize key points in the chapters.
  • Radiation Protection callout boxes help you understand the ethical obligations to minimize radiation dosages, shielding, time and distance, how to limit the field of exposure and what that does to minimize dose, and technical factors and how they affect the primary beam and image quality.
  • More than 400 photos and line drawings encourage you to visualize important concepts.
  • Strong pedagogy, including chapter objectives, key terms, outlines, bulleted chapter summaries, and specialty boxes, help you to organize information and focus on what is most important in each chapter.
  • An emphasis on the practical information highlights just what you need to know to ace the ARRT exam and become a competent practitioner.
  • Numerous critique exercises teach you how to evaluate the quality of radiographic images and determine which factors produce poor images.

New Features

  • NEW! A shift in focus to SI units aligns with international system of measurement.
  • UPDATED Information regarding radiation classifications helps you to understand radiation levels.
  • NEW! Inclusion of advances in digital imaging helps familiarize you with state-of-the-art images.
  • NEW and UPDATED! Expanded Digital Fluoroscopy chapter, familiarizes you with the equipment you will encounter.
About the author
By James Johnston, Ph.D., R.T.(R)(CV), FASRT, Associate Professor of Radiologic Sciences Midwestern State University and Terri L. Fauber, EdD, RT(R)(M), Professor Emeritus of Radiation Sciences,Department of Radiation Sciences,College of Health Professions,Virginia Commonwealth University
Table of Contents

1.Introduction to the Imaging Sciences

Section I: Principles of Radiation Physics
2.Structure of the Atom
3.Electromagnetic and Particulate Radiation
4.The X-Ray Circuit
5.The X-Ray Tube
6.X-Ray Production
7.X-Ray Interactions with Matter

Section II: Image Production and Evaluation
8.Image Production
9.Image Quality and Characteristics
10.Digital Image Receptors
11.Radiographic Exposure Technique
12.Scatter Control
13.Exposure Technique Selection
14.Film-Screen Imaging

Section III: Specialized Radiographic Equipment
15.Fluoroscopic Imaging
16.Additional Equipment
17.Computed Tomography


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Page Count: 304
Illustrations : 420 illustrations (420 in full color)
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