New Edition
Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy,
Edition 5
By Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS and Tracy Popowics, PhD

Publication Date: 18 Nov 2019

Get a clear picture of oral biology and the formation and study of dental structures. Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, & Anatomy, 5th Edition is the ideal introduction to one of the most foundational areas in the dental professions – understanding the development, cellular makeup, and physical anatomy of the head and neck regions. Written in a clear, reader-friendly style, this text makes it easy for you to understand both basic science and clinical applications - putting the content into the context of everyday dental practice. New for the fifth edition is evidence-based research on the dental placode, nerve core region, bleeding difficulties, silver diamine fluoride, and primary dentition occlusion. Plus, high-quality color renderings and clinical histographs and photomicrographs throughout the book, truly brings the material to life.

Key Features

  • UPDATED! Test Bank with cognitive leveling and mapping to the dental assisting and dental hygiene test blueprints
  • UPDATED! User-friendly pronunciation guide of terms ensures students learn the correct way to pronounce dental terminology. 
  • Comprehensive coverage includes all the content needed for an introduction to the developmental, histological, and anatomical foundations of oral health.
  • Hundreds of full-color anatomical illustrations and clinical and microscopic photographs accompany text descriptions of anatomy and biology.
  • Clinical Considerations boxes relate abstract-seeming biological concepts to everyday clinical practice.
  • Key terms open each chapter, accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, and are highlighted within the text, and ag glossary provides a quick and handy review and research tool.
  • Expert authors provide guidance and expertise related to advanced dental content.

New Features

  • NEW! Evidence-based research thoroughly discusses the dental placode, nerve core region, bleeding difficulties, silver diamine fluoride, and primary dentition occlusion.
  • NEW! Photomicrographs, histographs, and full-color illustrations throughout text helps bring the material to life. 
  • NEW! The latest periodontal insights include biologic width, gingival biotype, gingival crevicular fluid quantitative proteomics, clinical attachment level, AAP disease classification, and reactive oxygen species therapy.
  • NEW! Expanded coverage of key topics includes figures on tongue formation, developmental disturbances, root morphology, and TMJ cone beam CT.
About the author
By Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS, Dental Hygiene Educational Consultant,Oral Biology Technical Writer,Adjunct Faculty,Seattle Central College,Seattle, Washington and Tracy Popowics, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Oral Health Sciences, School of Dentistry, University of Washington
Table of Contents

1. Face and Neck Regions
2. Oral Cavity and Pharynx

3. Prenatal Development
4. Face and Neck Development
5. Orofacial Development
6. Tooth Development and Eruption

7. Cells
8. Basic Tissue
9. Oral Mucosa
10. Gingival and Dentogingival Junctional Tissues
11. Head and Neck Structures
12. Enamel
13. Dentin and Pulp
14. Periodontium: Cementum, Alveolar Bone, Periodontal Ligament

15. Overview of Dentitions
16. Permanent Anterior Teeth
17. Permanent Posterior Teeth
18. Primary Dentition
19. Temporomandibular Joint
20. Occlusion

Appendix A: Anatomical Position
Appendix B: Units of Measure
Appendix C: Tooth Measurements
Appendix D: Tooth Development

Book details
ISBN: 9780323611077
Page Count: 352
Illustrations : Approx. 685 illustrations (625 in full color)
Retail Price : £77.99
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