Surgical Technology,
Edition 8 Principles and Practice
By Joanna Kotcher Fuller

Publication Date: 25 Feb 2021

Prepare to deliver the best patient care before, during, and after surgery with this approachable guide to surgical skills and operating room procedures. In addition to covering all the content in the AST Core Curriculum, this one-of-a-kind text offers a unique mentoring approach and engaging learning features that make even complex skills and techniques easy to understand.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage addresses all areas of the AST Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology.
  • Reader-friendly writing style and organization builds content from fundamental concepts, aseptic technique, and the role and function of the surgical technologist, to the specialty surgical procedure chapters.
  • Consistent chapter format breaks down surgical procedures in an easy-to-understand way that helps you understand the key elements of more than 200 procedures.
  • Experienced author/consulting editor team lends a breadth of experience for a well-rounded and multi-perspective focus on operating room procedures and quality patient care.
  • Over 1,200 full-color illustrations and clinical photos bring concepts and procedures to life.
  • Robust practice opportunities include review questions and case studies at the end of each chapter, along with additional review questions and surgical practice videos on the Evolve companion website.
  • Learning objectives serve as checkpoints for comprehension and as study tools in preparation for examinations.
  • Key terminology appears in boldface throughout chapter discussions with key terms defined and cross-referenced to a back-of-book glossary.
  • Key concepts are covered in a bulleted list at the end of each chapter discussion to summarize and review chapter content.
  • References and bibliographies provide a listing of in-text and additional citations of scientific research and best practices.
  • Pathology appendix summarizes the most commonly seen pathological processes and organizes them by body system.

New Features

  • NEW! Robotic Surgery chapter describes the most advanced equipment and procedures involving surgical robots.
  • Additional skills content includes patient preparation, transporting, positioning, and draping.
  • Expanded coverage of endoscopic procedures is featured in the Minimally Invasive Surgery chapter.
About the author
By Joanna Kotcher Fuller, Independent Consultant in Medical and Surgical Coordination in Conflict Environments, USA
Table of Contents
1. Surgical Technology: The Profession and the Professional
2. Communication and Teamwork
3. Medicolegal Aspects of Surgical Technology
4. The Health Care Facility
5. Supporting the Psychosocial Needs of the Patient
6. Diagnostic and Assessment Procedures
7. Hazards in the Perioperative Environment
8. Microbes and the Process of Infection
9. Sterile Technique and Infection Control
10. Decontamination, Sterilization, and Disinfection
11. Surgical Instruments
12. Perioperative Pharmacology
13. Anesthesia, Physiological Monitoring and Post-Anesthesia Recovery
14. Death and Dying
15. Energy Sources in Surgery
16. Moving, Handling and Positioning the Surgical Patient
17. Surgical Skin Preparation and Draping
18. Surgical Skills I: Planning a Case, Opening, and Start of Surgery
19. Surgical Skills II: Intraoperative and Immediate Postoperative Period
20. Minimally Invasive Surgery
21. Robotic Surgery
22. General Surgery
23. Gynecological and Obstetrical Surgery
24. Genitourinary Surgery
25. Ophthalmic Surgery
26. Surgery of the Ear, Nose, Pharynx and Larynx
27. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
28. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
29. Orthopedic Surgery
30. Peripheral Vascular Surgery
31. Thoracic and Pulmonary Surgery
32. Cardiac Surgery
33. Pediatric Surgery
34. Neurosurgery
35. Emergency Trauma Surgery
36. Disaster Preparedness and Response
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Page Count: 1152
Illustrations : Approx. 1292 illustrations (1292 in full color)
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