Ross-Kerr and Wood’s Canadian Nursing Issues & Perspectives,
Edited by Lynn McCleary, RN, BScN, PhD and Tammie McParland, RN, MN, PhD

Publication Date: 02 Nov 2020

Get an in-depth look at where nursing’s most timely issues and trends all began with Ross-Kerr and Wood’s Canadian Nursing: Issues & Perspectives, 6th Edition. This extensively updated, engaging text examines the latest issues and trends in Canadian nursing, along with the history which laid the groundwork for where nursing in Canada is now and can be in the future. Comprehensive coverage includes everything from the development of the profession of nursing in Canada to discussions of nursing knowledge, nursing research, and the theoretical foundations of modern nursing. The authors also examine issues in the delivery of nursing care as well as nursing education, credentialing, standards of care, entry to practice, informatics, and much more. In addition to its relevant and cutting-edge content additions, this new dual-colour sixth edition boasts a wealth of new reader-friendly learning features, easy-to-follow explanations, consistent chapter formatting, and extensive visual updates to help you better engage with content and apply learning.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of Canadian-specific nursing issues includes Canadian statistics, research, and legislation.
  • Wealth of reader-friendly in-text learning features include Apply Content Knowledge boxes that provide focused opportunities for reflection and discussion, and Research Focus boxes that highlight current research to help make content more applicable and relevant.
  • UPDATED! Detailed references at the end of each chapter give you a direct path to further learning on a particular topic.
  • Clear writing style, logical content organization, and consistent chapter formatting helps you better learn and retain complex chapter information.
  • Thoughtful end-of-chapter features including chapter summaries and critical thinking questions help you gauge your mastery of chapter concepts.

New Features

  • NEW! Revamped two-colour layout improves readability and visual appeal.
  • NEW! Expanded and updated art program incorporates more vivid and up-to-date photos, charts, and graphs throughout the text.
  • NEW! Coverage of the latest top-of-mind topics hits on historical colonialism vis-a-vis Canada’s Indigenous population and its impact on nursing education; how nursing education will respond to the Calls to Action set forth by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC); (MAID) Medical Assistance in Dying, and much more.
  • NEW! Separate chapters on Indigenous health and gender allows for greater attention to be placed on cultural diversity, feminism, and men’s roles.
  • NEW! Personal Perspectives boxes start each chapter and present real-world topics and situations to pique your interest in chapter content and stimulate critical thinking.
  • NEW! Case studies added across the text help you apply theory to practice.
  • NEW! Gender Considerations boxes and Cultural Considerations boxes are threaded throughout all applicable text chapters to ensure you are well-grounded in how race, ethnicity, culture, and gender identity affects the patient experience.
  • NEW! Balanced coast-to-coast Canadian coverage now includes the CAN 2017 Code of Ethics and updated CASN Standards.
About the author
Edited by Lynn McCleary, RN, BScN, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario and Tammie McParland, RN, MN, PhD, Assistant Professor Nipissing University
Table of Contents

Part I: The Profession in Canada
1. The Canadian Health Care System
2. Nursing in Canada, 1600s to the Present: A Brief Account
3. Professionalization in Canadian Nursing
4. The Professional Image: Impact and Strategies for Change
5. NEW! Gender in Nursing

Part II: Nursing Knowledge
6. Theoretical Issues in Nursing in the 21st Century: Nursing Theorizing as Everyday Practice
7. Thinking Philosophically in Nursing
8. Nursing Research in Canada
9. Knowledge Translation and Evidence-Informed Practice
10. Health Informatics and Digital Health

Part III: Nursing Care Delivery
11. Primary Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities for the Nursing Profession
12. Quality of Care: From Quality Assurance and Improvement to Cultures of Patient Safety
13. The Practising Nurse and the Law
14. NEW! Decolonizing and Anti-Oppressive Nursing Practice: Awareness, Allyship, and Action
15. Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Nursing Practice
16. Collaboration in Nursing Practice
17. Shortage or Oversupply? The Nursing Workforce Pendulum
18. Political Influence in Nursing
19. Nursing Unions:  A Social Force in Canada–Advocating for Nurses, Patients and Health Care

Part IV: Educating Nurses for the Future
20. The Origins and Development of Nursing Education in Canada
21. Licensure, Credentialing, and Entry to Practice
22. The Growth of Graduate Education in Nursing in Canada
23. Career Development in Nursing
24. Monitoring Standards in Nursing Education

Part V: Canadian and International Nursing
25. Global Health Nursing: Emerging Issues and Events Locally and Beyond
26. Internationalizing in Canadian Nursing

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