Workbook and Laboratory Manual for Dental Radiography,
Edition 6 Principles and Techniques
By Joen Iannucci, DDS, MS and Laura Jansen Howerton, RDH, MS

Publication Date: 23 Feb 2022

Reinforce your understanding of dental radiography with this practical workbook and lab manual! The ideal companion to Iannucci and Howerton’s bestselling Dental Radiography, 6th Edition textbook, this review helps you master need-to-know imaging principles and techniques. Workbook modules correspond to the content in the textbook, and use engaging exercises to help you learn, review, and apply imaging concepts. Modules in the lab manual section provide a how-to guide to performing key imaging procedures and techniques. Bridging theory and practice, this study tool provides everything you need to master dental imaging skills!

Key Features

  • Case studies and critical thinking questions allow you to practice the application of your skills to dental practice.
  • Written exercises include objective-style questions to assess your understanding of important content.
  • Hands-on clinical laboratory activities include self-, peer-, and instructor-assessment forms.
  • Illustrations, technique photos, and radiographs make concepts and procedures easier to understand.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes all areas of study for the dental radiography laboratory.
  • Chapter-by-chapter correlation to the textbook makes the workbook easy to use.

New Features

  • NEW! Expanded content addresses the areas of digital imaging, radiographic interpretation, dental materials, and dental X-ray equipment.
  • NEW! Updated illustrations include detailed photos of equipment and supplies as well as new photos of techniques.
  • NEW lab activities, assessments, case studies, and critical thinking questions are added.
About the author
By Joen Iannucci, DDS, MS, Professor of Clinical Dentistry, Division of Dental Hygiene, College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH and Laura Jansen Howerton, RDH, MS, Instructor, Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh, North Carolina
Table of Contents

Module 1: Radiation and Dental Image Characteristics Basics (correlates to text Chapters 1-6)
Module 2: Equipment, Digital Imaging and Film Basics (correlates to text Chapters 7-11)
Module 3: Dental Radiographer Basics (correlates to text Chapters 12-17)
Module 4: Imaging Technique Basics (correlates to text Chapters 18-27)
Module 5: Normal Anatomy Basics (correlates to text Chapters 28-29)
Module 6: Image Interpretation Basics (correlates to text Chapters 30-35)

Part One: Introduction to the Radiology Clinic
Module 1: Use of Ionizing Radiation
Module 2: Equipment Used in the Radiology Clinic
Module 3: Infection Control Procedures in the Radiology Clinic
Module 4: Quality Assurance
Part Two: Teaching Experiences with DXTTR
Module 5: Bisecting Technique
Module 6: Bite-Wing Technique with Tabs: Exposures, Mounting, and Critique
Module 7: Competency Examination: Bisecting Technique and Bite-Wing with Tabs Mounting and Critique
Module 8: Paralleling Technique
Module 9: Competency Examination: Paralleling Technique: Periapical and Bite-Wing Mounting and Critique
Module 10: Occlusal Techniques
Part Three: Peer Patient Exercises
Module 11: Practice with Peer Patients
Module 12: Paralleling Technique: Peer Patient Complete Mouth Series
Module 13: Peer Patient Exercises: Panoramic Technique
Module 14: Competency Examination: Peer Patient Panoramic Technique

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Page Count: 512
Illustrations : Approx. 200 illustrations
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