Student Success in Medical School,
Edition 1 A Practical Guide to Learning Strategies
By Raman Mehrzad

Publication Date: 30 Mar 2021
Using proven methods of studying, learning, and reading, Student Success in Medical School delivers the practical, real-world information you need to optimize your learning and analytic abilities in medical school and beyond. Written by a medical doctor who understands exactly what it takes to increase educational performance, this comprehensive guide covers all the important elements involved in learning new knowledge, how to balance your studies and clinical rotations, and most importantly, how to apply knowledge in clinical practice. 

Key Features

  • Explore the proven methods of studying, learning, and reading that work best for different types of students—all based on the latest research in learning strategies and why they’re beneficial. 

  • Learn the best strategies for taking different types of exams, time management, and how to balance your studies with a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Discover how to read faster, learn more efficiently, and apply the knowledge to your field. 

  • Benefit from concise, easy-to-read chapters on stress management, healthcare literacy, motivation and mindset, goals and goal setting, accelerated learning, mentors, memorization techniques, and much more. 

  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

About the author
By Raman Mehrzad, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Rhode Island Hospital, The Warren Alpert School of Brown University, Providence, RI, United States
Table of Contents

Chapter 2 – The art of studying in the medical field

Difference between other fields




Chapter 3 – Healthcare literacy

General facts

Understanding and processing basic health information

Hidden barriers

Online reading

Practical strategies


Chapter 4 – Motivation and mindset

The physiology behind ambition

Intrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation

Creating motivation

Overcome laziness

Value creation

Small steps lead to big changes


Chapter 5 - Goal setting

What are goals

Why goal setting is different in healthcare studies

The power of goals

How to set up goals


Chapter 6 - Time management

Time management and its importance

Why time management in the medical field is different from other fields

Balancing clinical rotations and your studies

Planning your rotations

Planning your studies

Prioritizing the content

Writing down your study plan

Following your plan

Plan adjustment

Strategize when falling behind


Chapter 7 - Accelerated learning

What is accelerated learning

Science behind accelerated learning

Learning faster and more efficient

Strategies for faster comprehension

Strategies for greater retention

Strategies for systematic expertize


Chapter 8 - Lecture time in healthcare programs

Why class time is different for healthcare courses

The value of lecture time for healthcare courses

The art of listening

The art of focusing

The art of writing notes

The art of asking questions

The art of efficiency

The art preparation before lectures

Chapter 9 – Mentors

Why mentorship is important for your studies

How you find a mentor in your field

How to use a mentor


Chapter 10 – Supervisors and teachers

The role of supervisors in teaching

Learning from the teacher


Chapter 11 – Classmates

Why teamwork is important in healthcare studies

Optimize your learning with your classmates

Group assignments

Teamwork strategy


Chapter 12 – Procrastination

Why procrastination is common in this field

The dangerous of procrastination in this field of study

Strategize to avoid procrastination


Chapter 13 – Memorization

The physiology of memory

Short and long term memory

Memorizing versus understanding


Strategies to improve your memory


Chapter 14 – Exams

Why exams differ in this field

Exam Preparation

Mental preparation

Tactics before the exam

Tactics during the exam

Tactics after the exam

Exam time management


Chapter 15– Never give up

The physiology behind giving up

Determination and attitude

Putting your time and studies in perspective

Strategies to never give up


Chapter 16 – Stress management

The importance of recovery


Physical activity


Entertainment between studies

Work-life balance in healthcare studies


Chapter 17 – Study techniques

Study technique 1: Anatomy, embryology, histology and pharmacology courses

Study technique 2: Biochemistry, cell biology, biology courses

Study technique 3: Immunology, physiology courses

Study technique 4: Genetic courses

Study technique 5: Microbiology, pathology courses

Study technique 6: Ethics and behavioral science courses

Study technique 7: Clinical courses

Study technique 8: Reports/assignments

Study technique 9: Essays

Study technique 10: Presentations

Study technique 11: Applied science courses

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Page Count: 160
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