Wilkins' Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care,
Edition 9
By Albert J. Heuer, PhD, MBA, RRT, RPFT, FAARC

Publication Date: 21 Oct 2021

Master the patient assessment skills you need to provide effective respiratory care! Wilkins' Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care, 9th Edition prepares you to assist physicians in the decision-making process regarding treatment, evaluation of the treatment’s effectiveness, and determining if changes in the treatment need to be made. Chapters are updated to reflect the latest standards of practice and the newest advances in technology. From lead author Dr. Albert Heuer, a well-known educator and clinician, this market-leading text also aligns content with National Board for Respiratory Care exam matrices to help you prepare for success on the NBRC’s CRT and RRT credentialing exams.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive approach addresses all of the most important aspects and topics of assessment, so you can learn to assess patients effectively.
  • Case studies provide real-life clinical scenarios challenging you to interpret data and make accurate patient assessments.
  • Questions to Ask boxes identify the questions practitioners should ask patients (e.g., coughing, sputum, shortness of breath) or questions to ask themselves (e.g., lung sounds they are hearing, blood pressure, respiratory rate) when confronted with certain pathologies.
  • Learning objectives, key terms, and chapter outlines begin each chapter and introduce the content to be mastered.
  • Assessment questions in each chapter are aligned to the learning objectives and reflect the NBRC Exam format, with answers located on the Evolve companion website.
  • Key Points at the end of each chapter emphasize the topics identified in the learning objectives, providing easy review.
  • Simply Stated boxes highlight and summarize key points to help you understand important concepts.

New Features

  • NEW! Updated content throughout the text reflects the latest evidence-based practices and clinical developments, including infection control measures, imaging techniques, assessment of critically ill patients, and the increased reliance on telehealth and electronic health records.
  • NEW! Updated and revised content aligns with the latest NBRC credentialing exam matrix.
  • NEW! Take-Home points are included for each chapter, plus cases as well as questions and answers for students to use in testing and applying their knowledge.
About the author
By Albert J. Heuer, PhD, MBA, RRT, RPFT, FAARC, Program Director and Professor,Masters in Health Care Management Rutgers - School of Health Professions Newark
Table of Contents
1. Preparing for the Patient Encounter
2. The Medical History and the Interview
3. Cardiopulmonary Symptoms
4. Vital Signs
5. Fundamentals of Physical Examination
6. Neurological Assessment of the Respiratory Patient
7. Clinical Laboratory Studies
8. Interpretation of Blood Gases
9. Pulmonary Function Testing
10. Chest Imaging
11. Interpretation of the Electrocardiogram
12. Assessment of the Neonatal and Pediatric Patient
13. Assessment of the Older Patient
14. Respiratory Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit
15. Assessment of Hemodynamic Pressures
16. Assessment of Cardiac Output
17. Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy
18. Nutritional Assessment of Patients with Respiratory Disease
19. Assessment of Sleep and Breathing
20. Assessment of the Home Care Patient
21. Documentation of the Patient Assessment
Answer Appendix
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Page Count: 496
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