Fundamentals of Urine and Body Fluid Analysis,
Edition 5
By Nancy A. Brunzel, MS, CLS(NCA)

Publication Date: 21 Jul 2022

Learn how to accurately analyze urine and body fluids with Fundamentals of Urine and Body Fluid Analysis, 5th Edition. Known for its clear writing style, logical organization, and vivid full-color illustrations, this renowned text offers the perfect level and depth of information for understanding the fundamental principles of urine and body fluids frequently encountered in the clinical laboratory. This includes the collection and analysis of urine, fecal specimens, vaginal secretions, and other body fluids such as cerebrospinal, synovial, seminal, amniotic, pleural, pericardial, and peritoneal fluids. Author Nancy Brunzel also shares her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field as she highlights key information and walks you through essential techniques and procedures — showing you how to correlate data with your knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology in order to understand pathologic processes.

Key Features

  • Study questions and case studies in each chapter reinforce comprehension and application, with an answer key located in the back of the book.
  • UNIQUE! Table of crystal images based on shape serves as a single, comprehensive guide to the identification of crystals in urine sediment.
  • UNIQUE! Image Gallery of Urine Sediment provides alternate views of sediment components to augment the numerous classic photomicrographs already present in the Microscopic Examination of Urine chapter.
  • UNIQUE! Quick Guides to urine and body fluid photomicrographs make it fast and easy to find a photo of a specific cell type or component of interest.
  • UNIQUE! Tables with high quality polarizing microscopy photomicrographs demonstrate the differences in birefringent intensity of substances with and without a red compensator.
  • The most complete collection of high-quality, full-color images enables optimal identification of microscopic components in urine and other body fluids.

New Features

  • NEW! Fully updated content provides valuable information on the latest techniques and advances in the field.
  • NEW! Enhanced content, new tables, and new images facilitate the microscopic differentiation of monocytes, macrophages, and mesothelial cells in pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial fluids.
  • NEW! More than 250 photomicrographs of cells and other components in body fluid and urine sediment serve as a visual quick reference for identification during analysis.
  • NEW! Thumbprint images embedded in numerous tables enhance learning and serve as an invaluable resource when performing fluid analysis at the bench.
About the author
By Nancy A. Brunzel, MS, CLS(NCA), Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Table of Contents

1 Quality Assessment and Safety
2 Urine Specimen Types, Collection, and Preservation
3 The Kidney
4 Renal Function and Assessment
5 Routine Urinalysis—the Physical Examination
6 Routine Urinalysis—the Chemical Examination
7 Routine Urinalysis—the Microscopic Exam of Urine Sediment
Urine Sediment Image Gallery
8 Renal and Metabolic Disease
9 Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis
10 Pleural, Pericardial, and Peritoneal Fluid Analysis
11 Synovial Fluid Analysis
12 Seminal Fluid Analysis
13 Analysis of Vaginal Secretions
14 Amniotic Fluid Analysis
15 Fecal Analysis
16 Automation of Urine and Body Fluid Analysis
17 Body Fluid Analysis: Manual Hemacytometer Counts and Differential Slide Preparation
18 Microscopy

Appendix A: Reagent Strip Color Charts
Appendix B: Comparison of Reagent Strip Principles, Sensitivity, and Specificity
Appendix C: Reference Intervals
Appendix D: Body Fluid Diluents and Pretreatment Solutions
Appendix E: Manual and Historic Methods of Interest
Answer Key

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Page Count: 464
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