Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span,
Edition 10
By Carole Lium Edelman, MSN, GCNS-BC, CMC and Elizabeth Connelly Kudzma, DNSc, MPH, WHNP-BC, CNL

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2021

Master health promotion for all ages and population groups! Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, 10th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of leading health promotion concepts from assessment to interventions to application. Its lifespan approach addresses patients’ unique needs with case studies and care plans presented within an assessment framework based on Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns. Addressing each age and stage of development, this market-leading text covers the latest research and trends in health promotion and disease prevention for diverse population groups.

Key Features

  • Coverage of growth and development addresses health promotion concepts for each age and each stage of development through the lifespan.
  • Case studies present realistic situations with questions that challenge you to apply key concepts to further develop clinical judgment.
  • Think About It clinical scenarios at the beginning of each chapter include questions to encourage clinical judgment.
  • Research for Evidence-Based Practice boxes summarize current health-promotion studies showing the links between research, theory, and practice.
  • Hot Topics boxes introduce significant issues, trends, and controversies in health promotion.
  • Separate chapters on population groups — the individual, family, and community — highlight the unique aspects of assessment and health promotion for each group.
  • Quality and Safety Scenario boxes focus on QSEN-related competencies with examples of health promotion.
  • Innovative Practice boxes outline unique and creative health promotion programs and projects currently being implemented.
  • Health and Social Determinants/Health Equity boxes address cultural perspectives relating to planning care.

New Features

  • NEW! Greater emphasis on health equity highlights the need to make health promotion accessible to all.
  • NEW! Increased focus on diversity and inclusion better reflects the communities being served.
  • NEW! Veteran’s health content is incorporated throughout, as appropriate.
  • NEW! Discussions of Healthy People 2030 initiatives and objectives address national health issues and priorities.
  • NEW! Updated diagnosis terminology includes ICNP diagnoses or patient problems.
  • NEW! Affordable Care Act references are more general to reflect changing politics.
About the author
By Carole Lium Edelman, MSN, GCNS-BC, CMC, Private Practice,Professional Geriatric Care Management,Westchester County, New York and Elizabeth Connelly Kudzma, DNSc, MPH, WHNP-BC, CNL, Professor,Emeritus School of Nursing Curry College
Table of Contents

Unit 1: Foundations for Health Promotion

Chapter 1: Health Defined: Health Promotion, Protection, and Prevention

Chapter 2: Emerging Populations and Health

Chapter 3: Health Policy and the Delivery System

Chapter 4: The Therapeutic Relationship

Chapter 5: Ethical Issues Related to Health Promotion

Unit 2: Assessment for Health Promotion

Chapter 6: Health Promotion and the Individual

Chapter 7: Health Promotion and the Family

Chapter 8: Health Promotion and the Community

Unit 3: Interventions for Health Promotion

Chapter 9: Screening

Chapter 10: Health Education

Chapter 11: Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion

Chapter 12: Exercise

Chapter 13: Stress Management

Chapter 14: Complementary and Alternative Strategies

Unit 4: Application of Health Promotion

Chapter 15: Overview of Growth and Development Framework

Chapter 16: The Childbearing Period

Chapter 17: Infant

Chapter 18: Toddler

Chapter 19: Preschool Child

Chapter 20: School-Age Child

Chapter 21: Adolescent

Chapter 22: Young Adult

Chapter 23: Middle-Age Adult

Chapter 24: Older Adult

Unit 5: Emerging Global Health Issues

Chapter 25: Health Promotion for the 21st Century: Throughout the Life Span and Throughout the World

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Nursing students in BSN, BSN-completion, ADN, and graduate programs.

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