Basic Math for Health Professionals,
Edition 1 A Worktext with Online Course

Publication Date: 08 Nov 2022

Regardless of the field, math competency is essential to the job duties of every healthcare professional. Basic Math for Health Professionals: A Worktext with Online Course is designed to help you establish a solid foundation of math skills and knowledge through a simple, step-by-step process that makes learning math as unintimidating as possible. Each math concept is explained in detail and begins with basic math skills and concepts and continues to more complex calculations and formulas. In both the workbook and the online course, multiple practice problems for each math concept and principle offer clear explanations to ensure you master the math skills required of all healthcare professionals.

Key Features

  • Worktext and online course combination provides the optimal learning environment for a subject that requires repetition and multiple methods of practice to internalize concepts.
  • Online course presents basic math concepts using approachable explanations and narrated videos showing step-by-step solutions to calculations.
  • Hundreds of math problems in the worktext allow students to practice working math concepts "by hand" with detailed, step-by-step solutions to half the problems available in the online course.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions and processes make learning math unintimidating and student friendly.
  • Math concepts are explained in detail, beginning with basic math skills and concepts, and continuing to more complex calculations and formulas.
  • Multiple practice problems for each math concept and principle include explanations to ensure mastery of the math skills required of all healthcare professionals.
  • Short scenarios and case studies highlight the real-world application of math skills and concepts.
  • Pre-test and post-test enable students to assess their competency and gauge their progress.
  • Math review and practice is ideal for healthcare students and individuals needing to prepare for a certification exam or as test preparation.
  • Written by a health professions instructor who understands the difficulties encountered by beginning healthcare students who are being exposed to math concepts for the first time, or who need a thorough review.
Table of Contents
Pre-Testing Your Knowledge
Unit I. Foundation Skills
1.Understanding Numbers
2.Basic Addition and Subtraction
3.Basic Multiplication and Division
4.Fractions and Mixed Numbers
5.Decimals and Percents
6.Ratio and Proportions
Unit II. Advanced Math Skills
7.Systems of Measurements
8.The Metric System
9.Time and Temperature
Unit III. Putting Your Knowledge to Practice
10.Understanding Prescriptions and Drug Calculations
11.Understanding Weight-Based Dosage Calculations
12.Basic Statistics in Healthcare
Post-Testing Your Knowledge
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408,000 healthcare students entering a wide variety of healthcare fields (IPEDs 2016)