New Edition
Contemporary Nursing,
Edition 9 Issues, Trends, & Management
By Barbara Cherry, DNSc, MBA, RN, NEA-BC and Susan R. Jacob, PhD, MSN, RN

Publication Date: 02 Mar 2022

With an understanding of healthcare issues, you can improve patient care and advance the nursing profession! Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, & Management, 9th Edition ensures that you are prepared for the complex and rapidly changing world of today’s nursing. Coverage of key topics includes nursing theories and evidence-based practice, social and ethical issues, the rising cost of health care, quality improvement and patient safety, palliative care, effective decision-making, collective bargaining and unions, managing time, and career opportunities. Written by noted nursing educators Barbara Cherry and Susan R. Jacob, this text not only prepares you for the NCLEX-RN® examination, but for effective leadership and management in the workplace.

Key Features

  • Vignettes at the beginning of each chapter personalize nursing practice and history, and help you understand your place in the profession.
  • Full-color illustrations and design demonstrate concepts and make the text visually appealing.
  • Case studies help you apply theory to clinical practice.
  • Colorful, humorous cartoons depict the themes in each chapter.
  • Key terms, learning outcomes, and chapter overviews begin each chapter, helping you organize and focus your study, and a summary at the end of each chapter reinforces the key points to remember.
  • Professional/Ethical Issue in every chapter tests your ability to think critically and apply concepts to a real-life dilemma.
  • Unit 3: Leadership and Management in Nursing guides you through skills such as budgeting, communication and conflict resolution, staffing, health policy and politics, and more.
  • Unit 4: Career Management describes how to make the transition from student to professional, including time management, career opportunities, and tips on how to pass the NCLEX-RN® examination.

New Features

  • NEW! Information on COVID-19 covers preparedness for a pandemic response, legal issues and ethical dilemmas of COVID-19, the nursing shortage, access to personal protective equipment, and the growth of telehealth/telemedicine care.
  • NEW! Clinical Judgment chapter emphasizes the development of clinical reasoning skills.
  • NEW! Additional coverage in Theories of Nursing Practice chapter includes the application of theories in nursing practice, Watson’s theory of caring, and Swanson’s middle range theory.
  • NEW! Updated coverage of delegation and supervision includes the most current guidelines from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.
  • NEW! Updates to contemporary trends and issues include AACN essentials, associate degree-BSN, nursing education in other countries, online programs, distance education, and more.
  • NEW! Updates in Paying for Health Care in America chapter cover current payment models, the social determinants of health, and healthcare access.
  • NEW! Additional information on CBD oil and the legalization of marijuana is included.
About the author
By Barbara Cherry, DNSc, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, Professor ,Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing Lubbock Texas and Susan R. Jacob, PhD, MSN, RN, Professor and Executive Associate Dean of Academic Affairs,The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Nursing,Memphis Tennessee
Table of Contents

Unit 1: The Development of Nursing

1.The Evolution of Professional Nursing
2. The Contemporary Image of Professional Nursing
3. The Influence of Contemporary Trends and Issues on Nursing Education
4. Nursing Licensure and Certification
5. Theories of Nursing Practice

Unit 2: Current Issues in Health Care
6. Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

7. Paying for Health Care in America: Rising Costs and Challenges
8. Legal Issues in Nursing and Health Care
9. Ethical and Bioethical Issues in Nursing and Health Care
10. Cultural Competency and Social Issues in Nursing and Health Care
11. Complementary and Alternative Healing
12. Palliative Care
13. Workforce Advocacy and the Nursing Shortage
14. Collective Bargaining and Unions in Today's Workplace
15. Information Technology in the Clinical Setting
16. Emergency Preparedness and Response for Today's World

Unit 3: Leadership and Management in Nursing

17. Nursing Leadership and Management
18. Budgeting Basics for Nurses
19. Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
20. Effective Delegation and Supervision
21. Staffing and Nursing Care Delivery Models
22. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
23. Health Policy and Politics: Get Involved!

24. Clinical Judgment-NEW

Unit 4:  Career Management

25. Making the Transition from Student to Professional Nurse
26. Managing Time: The Path to High Self-Performance
27. Contemporary Nursing Roles and Career Opportunities
28. Job Search: Finding Your Match
29. NCLEX-RN ® Examination

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Page Count: 544
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