Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians,
Edition 4
By Thomas P. Colville, DVM, MSc and Joanna M. Bassert, VMD

Publication Date: 17 Mar 2023

Start your veterinary technician education off on the right foot with Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians, 4th Edition. Combining expert clinical coverage with engaging writing and vivid illustrations, this popular text is the key to understanding the anatomic and physiologic principles that will carry you throughout your career. In addition to its comprehensive coverage of the diverse ways in which animal bodies function at both the systemic and cellular levels, this textbook features a variety of helpful application boxes, vocabulary lists, and Test Yourself questions in every chapter to ensure you have a firm grasp of anatomic structure and its relevance to clinical practice.

Key Features

  • Clinical Application boxes throughout the text demonstrate the clinical relevance of anatomic and physiologic principles.
  • Chapter outlines summarize the contents of each chapter at the major concept level.
  • Test Yourself questions recap important information that appeared in the preceding section.
  • Comprehensive glossary at the end of the text provides concise definitions and phonetic pronunciations of terms.

New Features

  • NEW and UPDATED! Hundreds of high-quality, full color illustrations detail anatomic structures to enhance your understanding of their functions.
  • NEW! Student chapter review questions on the Evolve companion website help reinforce key topics in each chapter.
About the author
By Thomas P. Colville, DVM, MSc, Professor Emeritus Department of Animal Sciences North Dakota State University and Joanna M. Bassert, VMD, Professor Emeritus Program of Veterinary Technology Manor College Jenkintown, PA
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
2. Chemical Basis for Life
3. Anatomy of the Cell
4. Cell Physiology
5. Tissues: Living Communities
6. The Integument and Related Structures
7. Skeletal System
8. Muscular System
9. Nervous System
10. Sense Organs
11. Endocrine System
12. Blood, Lymph and Lymph Nodes
13. Immunity and Defense
14. The Cardiovascular System
15. The Respiratory System
16. Digestive System
17. Nutrients and Metabolism
18. The Urinary System
19. Reproductive System
20. Pregnancy, Development and Lactation
21. Avian Anatomy and Physiology
22. Amphibian and Reptilian Anatomy and Physiology
Book details
ISBN: 9780323793414
Page Count: 672
Illustrations : Approx. 550 illustrations (540 in full color)
Retail Price : £71.99
Veterinary technology students IPEDS 2017 data indicates: 21,952 total enrollment • 12,048 students in public, nonprofit ESF institutions • 9,904 students in private, for-profit PSE institutions
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