Fundamental Concepts and Skills for the Patient Care Technician,
Edition 2
By Kimberly Townsend Little, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, CNE

Publication Date: 15 Sep 2022

Master the skills you need to succeed as a patient care technician! Fundamental Concepts and Skills for the Patient Care Technician, 2nd Edition provides a solid foundation in healthcare principles and in the procedures performed by PCTs and other health professionals. Coverage of skills includes patient hygiene, infection control, taking vital signs, moving and positioning of patients, blood and specimen collecting and testing, ECG placement and monitoring, care of the surgical patient, care of older adults, and more. Clear, step-by-step instructions help you learn each procedure, and may also be used as skills checklists. Written by nursing educator Kimberly Townsend Little, this text prepares students for success on Patient Care Technician or Nursing Assistant Certification exams.

Key Features

  • More than 100 step-by-step skills and procedures cover the information found on the Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technician certification exams.
  • Practice Scenarios present realistic case studies with questions to help you practice critical thinking and apply concepts to the practice setting.
  • Delegation and Documentation boxes cover the information needed from the nurse before a procedure and what information should be recorded after the procedure.
  • Illness and Injury Prevention boxes highlight important safety issues.
  • Chapter review questions test your understanding of important content.
  • Chapter summaries emphasize key points to remember.
  • Chapter objectives and key terms outline the important concepts and essential terminology in each chapter.

New Features

  • NEW! A chapter on medication administration is added to this edition.
  • NEW! New content is included on NG and gastric tubes, oral suctioning, incentive spirometry, use of a bladder scanner, and inserting peripheral IVs.
  • NEW! Updated guidelines include CPR and dietary guidelines.
About the author
By Kimberly Townsend Little, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, CNE, Former Chair of the Graduate Nursing Program at Liberty University.
Table of Contents
SECTION 1 Introduction to Healthcare
1 Today’s Healthcare
2 The Role of the Patient Care Technician
3 Professionalism and Work Ethics
4 Communicating With the Healthcare Team
SECTION 2 The Patient
5 Understanding the Patient as a Person
6 Patient Rights, Ethics, and Laws
7 Body Structure and Function/Growth and Development
8 Pain Management, Comfort, Rest, and Sleep
SECTION 3 Safety
9 Asepsis and Infection Control
10 Workplace Safety and Body Mechanics
11 Patient Safety
12 Moving, Positioning, and Preventing Falls
13 Basic Emergency Care
SECTION 4 Patient Assessment
14 Assisting With the Physical Examination
15 Measuring and Recording Vital Signs
16 Obtaining and Monitoring an Electrocardiogram
SECTION 5 Patient Care and Comfort
17 Assisting With Admission and Discharge
18 Bedmaking and Hygiene
19 Assisting With Grooming
20 Assisting With Medication Administration
21 Assisting With Nutrition and Fluids
22 Assisting With Urinary Elimination
23 Assisting With Bowel Elimination
24 Assisting With Oxygen Needs
SECTION 6 Blood and Specimen Collecting and Testing
25 Blood Collecting and Processing
26 Specimen Collecting and Testing
SECTION 7 Surgery and Immobility
27 Caring for the Surgical Patient
28 Heat and Cold Applications
29 Care of Wounds and Pressure Ulcers
30 Rehabilitative and Restorative Care
SECTION 8 Special Care Concerns and Settings
31 Caring for Women and Children
32 Caring for the Older Adult
33 Caring for Patients With Mental Health Needs
34 Caring for Patients With Chronic Conditions
35 End-of-Life Care
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Page Count: 576
Illustrations : Approx. 600 illustrations (600 in full color)
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