Campbell's Physical Therapy for Children,
Edition 6
By Robert Palisano, PT, ScD, Margo Orlin, PT, PhD and Joseph Schreiber

Publication Date: 08 Nov 2022

Gain a solid foundation in physical therapy for infants, children, and adolescents! Campbell's Physical Therapy for Children, 6th Edition provides essential information on pediatric physical therapy practice, management of children with musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiopulmonary conditions, and special practice settings. Following the APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, this text describes how to examine and evaluate children, select evidence-based interventions, and measure outcomes to help children improve their body functions, activities, and participation. What also sets this book apart is its emphasis on clinical reasoning, decision making, and family-centered care. Written by a team of PT experts led by Robert J. Palisano, this book is ideal for use by students and by clinicians in daily practice.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage provides a thorough understanding of foundational knowledge for pediatric physical therapy, including social determinants of health, development, motor control, and motor learning, as well as physical therapy management of pediatric disorders, including examination, evaluation, goal setting, the plan of care, and outcomes evaluation.
  • Focus on the elements of patient/client management in the APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice provides a framework for clinical decision making.
  • Focus on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) of the World Health Organization (WHO) provides a standard language and framework for the description of health and health-related states, including levels of a person’s capacity and performance.
  • Experienced, expert contributors help you prepare to become a Board-Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist and to succeed on the job.

New Features

  • NEW! New chapter on social determinants of health and pediatric healthcare is added to this edition.
  • NEW! New chapter on Down syndrome is added.
  • NEW! 45 case scenarios in the ebook offer practice with clinical reasoning and decision making, and 123 video clips depict children’s movements, examination procedures, and physical therapy interventions.
  • NEW! An ebook version is included with print purchase, providing access to all the text, figures, and references, plus the ability to search, customize content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.

About the author
By Robert Palisano, PT, ScD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Drexel University, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, Philadelphia, PA; Margo Orlin, PT, PhD, Associate Professor Emerita , Drexel University, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, Philadelphia, PA and Joseph Schreiber, Affiliations and Expertise, Professor, Physical Therapy Program, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA
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ISBN: 9780323797962
Page Count: 896
Illustrations : Approx. 925 illustrations (725 in full color)
Retail Price : £88.99
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Physical Therapy (DPT) students –

243 accredited programs; 17 developing programs;

31,380 students enrolled

Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) students –

360 accredited programs; 40 developing programs;

12,945 students enrolled

Physical Therapy clinicians [BLS, 2018] –

  • Physical Therapist (DPT) – 239,000 jobs

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) – 140,300 jobs

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