Digital Radiography and PACS,
Edition 4
By Christi Carter, MSRS, RT(R) and Beth Veale, BSRS, MEd, RT(R)(QM)

Publication Date: 14 Nov 2022

Gain a full understanding of the basic principles and techniques of digital imaging! Using an easy-to-understand format and style, Digital Radiography and PACS, 4th Edition provides the latest information on digital imaging systems. It offers tips on producing clear radiographic images, and helps you build skills in computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR), as well as picture archiving and communications systems (PACS). Coverage also includes quality control and management guidelines for PACS, CR, and DR. Written by noted educators Christi Carter and Beth Veale, this book provides excellent preparation for the ARRT credentialing exam and for success as a practicing radiographer or technologist.

Key Features

  • Coverage of digital imaging and PACS is provided at the right level for student radiographers and for practicing technologists transitioning to digital imaging.
  • Chapter outlines, learning objectives, and key terms at the beginning of each chapter introduce the chapter content, and help students organize study and boost their comprehension.
  • More than 200 photographs and illustrations help to illuminate digital imaging concepts.
  • Practical information addresses topics such as working with CR/DR workstations, including advanced image processing and manipulation functions; PACS workstations, archiving solutions, and system architectures; and effective techniques for digitizing film, printing images, and preparing image files.
  • Bulleted summaries recap the main points of each chapter, ensuring that students focus on the most important concepts.
  • Review questions at the end of chapters are linked to the chapter objectives and help students assess their understanding of the material, with answers provided to instructors on the Evolve website.

New Features

  • NEW! Latest information on digital imaging systems includes computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), as well as the data required by practicing technologists who are transitioning to digital imaging.
  • NEW! Updates reflect the latest ARRT and ASRT content specifications.
  • NEW! Full-color design is added to this edition.
About the author
By Christi Carter, MSRS, RT(R), Faculty Director, Radiologic Science, Brookhaven College, Texas and Beth Veale, BSRS, MEd, RT(R)(QM), Associate Professor, Radiologic Sciences, Midwestern State University, Texas
Table of Contents
Part I Introduction
1 Introduction to Digital Radiography and Picture Archiving and Communication System
Part II Basic Principles of Digital Radiography
2 Digital Imaging Characteristics
3 Digital Radiographic Image Processing and Manipulation
Part III Digital Image Acquisition
4 Photostimulable Phosphor Image Capture
5 Thin-Film Transistor Flat Panel Array Image Acquisition
6 Charge-Coupled Device/Complementary Metal
7 Basic Computer Principles
8 Networking and Communication Basics
9 Medical Image Management and Processing System, Medical Image Storage Devices, and Medical Image Communications Devices
10 Medical Image Storage Device and Peripherals
11 Medical Informatics, 163
Part V Quality Control and Quality Management
12 Ensuring Quality in Digital Image Viewing and Storage Systems
13 Quality Acceptance Testing Within Digital Projection Imaging
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Book details
ISBN: 9780323826983
Page Count: 220
Illustrations : 230 illustrations (30 in full color)
Retail Price : £66.99
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