Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills,
Edition 2 Fundamental to Advanced Competencies
By Loren Nell Melton Stein, MSN, RNC-NIC and Connie J Hollen, RN, MS

Publication Date: 27 Feb 2023

Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills: Fundamental to Advanced Competencies, 2nd Edition covers more than 250 nursing skills in an innovative concept-based format. Unlike any other text, Stein and Hollen incorporate an overarching framework of seven critical concepts — accuracy, person-centered care, infection control, safety, communication, evaluation, and health maintenance — to drive home the importance of these key themes in performing nursing skills and developing nursing competencies. Every chapter includes a detailed case study with a concept map to help you apply your knowledge to clinical situations involving nursing skills. The nursing process is seamlessly integrated within the skills, and Next-Generation NCLEX® question types strengthen your critical thinking and clinical judgment skills. This fully referenced text identifies and applies credible researched-based knowledge that comprises the knowledge for nursing practice.

Key Features

  • NEW! 12 Faculty Simulation Guides (for use by instructors) employ the NCSBN® Clinical Judgment Measurement Model and AACN Essentials competencies to help students identify, anticipate, and apply the steps of the Clinical Judgement Measurement Model and focus on key competencies.
  • More than 250 nursing skills are presented in a step-by-step format with concise rationales, current evidence, and over 900 outstanding photos and illustrations.
  • Emphasis on NCLEX® preparation is incorporated throughout with language and concepts that reflect those used on the exam.
  • Concept-based approach to skills education pairs well with the Giddens framework.
  • Critical concepts to skills performance — accuracy, person-centered care, infection control, safety, communication, evaluation, and health maintenance — are reinforced throughout the text with a strong emphasis on safety.
  • Detailed case studies with concept maps in each skill chapter depict patients with problems that might be experienced in the clinical setting and are followed by a series of critical thinking questions. Questions are designed to help you learn how to apply knowledge, synthesize nursing competencies, and use clinical judgment in nursing practice.
  • Easy-to-understand, conversational writing style with a logical organization presents fundamental skills first, then intermediate acute care skills, and finally advanced skills often performed in critical care, with an emphasis on safety and person-centered care.
  • Application of the QSEN competencies includes critical thinking questions that challenge you to apply a competency from the QSEN quality and safety framework.
  • Application of the AACN Essentials competencies includes objectives and critical thinking questions that allow you to integrate nursing clinical skills into the broader role of the nurse.
  • Application of the nursing process sections in each chapter present nursing diagnoses that include specific examples of client outcomes and nursing interventions.
  • Lifespan, cultural, and home care considerations assist you in understanding the diverse needs of your patients.
  • Lessons from the Evidence boxes highlight current research that can contribute to evidence-based clinical practice and identify gaps in knowledge.
  • Lessons from the Courtroom boxes summarize actual court cases related to the skills in the chapter to help you understand legal implications.
  • Storytelling-style "Lessons From" boxes include Lessons from Experience sharing practical insights from more experienced nurses and Expect the Unexpected boxes preparing you to anticipate unexpected situations that could occur and explore appropriate responses.
  • Performing an Assessment chapter details essential physical assessment skills.

New Features

  • NEW! End-of-chapter Next Generation NCLEX® types of questions challenge you to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment.
  • NEW! AACN Essentials language and competencies are incorporated into every chapter and included in case study questions.
About the author
By Loren Nell Melton Stein, MSN, RNC-NIC, College of Nursing,University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and Connie J Hollen, RN, MS, College of Nursing,University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Table of Contents
UNIT I: Fundamental Nursing Skills
1. Foundations of Safe Client Care
2. Personal Care and Hygiene  
3. Vital Signs and Vital Measurements
4. Performing an Assessment
5. Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Tube Therapy 
6. Supporting Mobility and Immobilization
7. Comfort Care
8. End-of-Life Care 
UNIT II: Intermediate Nursing Skills
9. Airway and Breathing
10. Sterile Technique  
11. Medication Administration
12. Venous Access
13. Central Venous Access: Managing Central Venous Access Devices
14. Bowel Elimination
15. Urine Elimination
16. Wound Care
17. Perioperative Care
UNIT III: Advanced Nursing Skills
18. Advanced Respiratory Management
19. Perfusion and Advanced Cardiovascular Care
20. Advanced Neurologic Care
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